I Love People. Maybe It’s Me?

If anyone knew me for an extended period of time on MyAnimeList, they would know that I tend to read other people’s reviews and (occasionally) give my input on them, whether it be an obligatory “Nice job!” or “advice” on how they can further develop their reviews. While most of the feedback for this has been positive (I even got a nomination to become a Review Moderator for it), I have made a few enemies from doing so, as well.

I will not acknowledge their names for their own privacy, but certain people on MyAnimeList feel that I am overstepping my bounds by giving unwanted advice on other people’s reviews. One has never spoken to me directly, but has left comments above mine on other people’s profiles stating that they shouldn’t listen to me and/or that I’m “full of myself.” The other, whom I had just been discoursing with earlier today, further acknowledged that I’m overstepping my bounds when it comes to giving advice about reviews.

This brings me to the conclusion that some people just want to write reviews the way they want to write them. The issue at hand is knowing whether or not that’s the case beforehand. I find it rather silly to comment on another person’s profile asking “Oh, can I criticize your reviews, please?” before I actually begin to criticize them. Because of this, I choose to simply criticize their review without hesitation; but it does beg the question as to whether or not I really am protruding on people’s privacy when I do so. I’ve also been told that this form of criticizing without hesitation on other people’s profiles is “rude and harsh.” While I certainly don’t want to come across that way, I do find it hard to properly criticize a review without coming off as a self-absorbed snob in the process. Because of this, I try to leave at least a positive note somewhere in the comment to ensure that I mean no ill-feelings. I’ve had mixed results.

I’m not sure if anyone on MyAnimeList is aware of this, but I report at least five reviews a day. When and if I become a Review Moderator (hopefully I will be given the power to delete reviews), I’m going to have to explain why I had gotten rid of people’s reviews. The thing about that is the way I’ve come across to certain people so far in my MyAnimeList lifetime. If I come across as high-and-mighty to certain people just from criticizing their reviews, I don’t wish to imagine how they would react to my tone when I delete their reviews. It’s just something I’m not looking forward to if I’m elected moderator.

While I don’t plan to stop criticizing people’s reviews, it makes me wonder how I can change my approach to ensure no one’s feelings are hurt. From the intense thought I’ve given to the topic, I can’t find any way around it. No matter how I put it, I’ll either come across as snobby or easily manipulated. Perhaps I shouldn’t even think about it, but I don’t like to hurt people’s feelings unnecessarily. I suppose I’ll simply be the wandering Abra that teleports to people’s profiles to spout his egotistical words of wisdom to the masses of clueless “reviewers” on MyAnimeList. Today has been a very insightful day, so far.

2 thoughts on “I Love People. Maybe It’s Me?

  1. Kapodaco,

    There was this guy before who was really passionate about nagging and ragging on other people regarding their reviews, going as far as to PM them. However, since he was also prone to the use of abusive language, he kept getting banned. You might have heard of him. He is/was an infamous prolific reviewer, but I think he’s gone over to that hummingbird site.

    Regardless of how politely you criticize someone’s work, I think it is natural for them to feel uneasy especially since it’s coming from a stranger! Asking first might seem silly (to you), but it can make your correspondent less defensive and/or irritable. It’s like asking to be friends with someone first prior sending a friend invite or at least embedding a message with the invitation. You want to jump to the heart of the matter right away? Well, impatience can be construed as rudeness because in a sense it is.

    Also, you might want to avoid comparing someone’s work to another, even as a suggested reference. You know how siblings hate it when their parents compare them? It’s similar to that. Then again, I’m guilty, too. Was I comparing you to roriconfan? Only slightly. I don’t think you’re ever going to become that bad. I have yet to chance upon anyone else in MAL as terribly overbearing.

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