Thoughts on Freezing: Vibration (Explicit, Spoilers)

Freezing Vibration! Wow! Boobs! Action! Nonsense!

So, I can honestly say, after completing each and every episode, this sequel was better than the original… barely. What the original had in fan service, the sequel made up with in sentimental nonsense. No information about the situations had me confused from the get-go and when I finally got some information, I was still confused. “What?” I would think, “How is that possible? Is anything possible? Yeah. I’m not gonna question things anymore. This anime doesn’t even want to try explaining things anymore.” If that’s the mindset I have for an anime that tries to be epic through sacrifice and unnatural abilities, then there’s something wrong with that anime.

Oh, my God. I think I may have preferred the original’s plot over the sequel’s. The original had a lot more going for it as a sort of slice of life anime with a side of “LOL PLOT.” This season… It’s just what the anime considers “plot.” And, indeed, the plot is well outlined. Top secret organization trying to reproduce pandoras in order to, uh, something. This results in bad things and crazy shit starts happening. Why? Who has any fucking clue but the author? This anime isn’t explained very well in any sense. For that, I give it points off for trying too hard.

And the last episode. HOLY SHIT WAS THAT EPIC OR WHAT, GUYS?! A character anyone barely knew totally revealed that she was God itself and sacrificed her life to protect her “friends!” Oh, my God, that it so adorbs. Too bad I DIDN’T CARE. Really, anime? You’re going to try and create this whole sentimental feel for a character who was BARELY shown in not just this season, but BOTH seasons? Who cares? Oh, everyone’s crying because she’s dead. Well, so what? She sacrificed herself so her friends wouldn’t die. That’s nice, I suppose. Why is that sad? Why is that so meaningful? We barely knew the bitch, why is she suddenly so important? And those fucking sparkles. Oh, Lordy! “It’s Love,” says what I assume to be the main character, Satellizer. Holy shit, the amount of cheese exuded from that line wanted me to swear off cheeseburgers for a year. So much sentimental hammering within the last ten minutes of the anime really shifted my opinion of this anime from confusingly dull to confusingly pitiful.

The characters are so uninteresting. The only thing that caused me to quiver in an uncomfortable manner was Satellizer’s “brother.” Fucking shit, he was disgusting. But, people have their dark secrets, and all you need to conquer those dark secrets is love. Ick, convenient loopholes. I also noticed the amount of attention Satellizer doesn’t get in the second half of the show. It was nice to see them explore other options than that drama queen. I’ve developed a fondness for Elizabeth Mably, but not for her stupid opinions that aren’t justified, but because she tries to justify them instead of just spouting nonsense like everyone else in this anime, even though they don’t come to fruition. Did I mention that Kazuya Aoi is the worst thing ever?

In terms of art, I didn’t really notice much of a difference in overall quality compared to the first season. I liked the way they inverted the colors for a whopping two minutes on the final episode. That was pretty nice. As for everything else, just refer back to season one. There’s really nothing else to say about it. Oh, I forgot, NEW UNIFORMS! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

There’s really not much to say about the sequel other than it tones down the obligatory fan service with a shounen styled, confusing plot. I just didn’t like how anything was explained in this series. They use all of these terms that we’re supposed to know from the first season, but the terms are so basic and forgettable that I ended forgetting what they were over the break from season one to season two. Is that my fault? Probably. But I don’t think the anime should expect the viewer to memorize everything. Some recaps would be nice. Some otherworldly bullshit should be voided out as well, but hey, I’m not a wealthy storyteller, so what do I know? In this case, nothing, since the anime decided not to tell me.

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