Thoughts on Shinryaku!? Ika Musume And Happy New Year’s

Last completed anime of the year! And it only took me about eight months!

I think this season of Ika Musume was a little bit more dull than the first season. It gave more opportunities for other characters to steal the show, but ultimately, it was still about Ika. I particularly enjoyed the last few episodes after pulling myself to finish the first eight. I suppose they saved their best for last, and it certainly shows. The last episodes were the most humorous and the most memorable, outside of the segment with Little Ika. Oh, Little Ika.

Plot was the same. Ika is a squid girl. See how she squids.

Characters were a little more apparent with this season, specifically Chizuru. Takeru and Cindy got a little less attention than in the first season to make way for new characters that didn’t really stand out much. Regardless, most of the characters were entertaining and, at times, humorous. Although, my stone face was never broken outside of mysterious-blonde-girl-lol’s appearance in the last episode. It took me a while to remember that she also made an appearance in the first season’s finale. I wonder who she may be? The creator?

Art was essentially the same, perhaps a little shinier. I can’t really recall seeing as it’s been almost a year since I’ve seen the first season. Will I go re-watch it just to make sure? More than likely not. Perhaps some gifs will do.

Overall, it was a lot of the same. Seeing how it’s been so long, I can’t recall whether or not I enjoyed the first season as much as I enjoyed this season. I only remember that my review for the first season leaned more toward sarcastic nitpicking than anything else. I guess I was just trying to look cool by picking on poor lil’ Ika. My ego was still in development at the time. Regardless, Shinryaku! Ika Musume!? had spots where the jokes felt uninspired and dragged on at times (episodes 1-8), but was an overall pleasant experience (episodes 9 and onward). But seriously, who the hell is that blonde girl?

Oh, and Happy New Year’s to all. My resolutions include:

Stop being lazy.

Stop being lazy.

Stop being lazy.

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