Thoughts on White Album 2 (Spoilers)

Nine straight episodes. That’s the longest streak of consecutive episodes watched for a single anime in a single sitting since… Deadman Wonderland. My first ever listed anime. Immediately after watching this, I threw off my hat and got a drink, then continued to pace around my basement like a lost rat.

This anime. This. Fucking. Anime.

Goodness. It’s been so long since I’ve had so many emotions wanting to come screaming out while watching the characters on screen. It’s so captivating. It’s so… imperfect. What is it about series like these that make me want to kill myself? But, even in saying that, it’s not the kind of thing you would expect. I don’t feel suicidal, I just feel horribly depressed. Could it be my emotions trying to say that they don’t want it to end? Or are they truly depressed with what I’m watching?

There’s only so much I want to say about this anime. There will be no mention of each individual character and art and story and jnsckjsnclajcn. I’m just going to put down whatever comes to mind. No format, no structure. Just words. And gush. That, too.

So much was dedicated to the initial plot of this story. I felt like I watched an entire cour’s worth of anime by the seventh episode. Saying that, watching the entire thing felt like an eternity. There are no sub plots. There is no filler. It’s just Boy and Girls A and B. That simple. The interactions, the screentime distribution, the build-up; all of this was so pleasant to watch. It truly made it more eventful to finish an episode, so I could just take everything in in stride.

I feel that they didn’t focus enough on Boy. Girls A and B had so much insight, so much screentime to show subtle hints of what they were thinking. Boy just kind of grimaced and cried all throughout. It seems to me that his personality changed slightly throughout as well. At first, I thought, “Oh. He isn’t the typical male main character. Fantastic.” By the end, I thought, “Wow. He’s crying a lot. He’s really getting into his emotions. A lot.” It almost felt like a self insert at times. He was just so intent on being, er, predictable.

There was so much thought that went into this plot. I know it. I can feel it. They were trapped. They really were. Boy chose Girl A, but really wants Girl B. Girl A just wants them all to be together. Girl B loved Boy all along, and was heartbroken when he chose Girl A. Girl B tries to stay away from Boy in order to preserve the relationship between him and Girl A, but by doing this, she’s interfering with both Girl A and Boy’s goals. All of these twists and turns. It’s like a labyrinth. There is no exit. There is no solution. These characters are truly, without a doubt, trapped. So, what do they do? Fuck it up more. Teenagers.

Speaking of which… mrmm. That fun time scene… that was really hard to watch. Call it a personal taboo, but I feel cheating is one of the more despicable things human beings are capable of. It simply didn’t feel right to me. And why would it? Because it was true love? But at what expense? She was leaving the next morning! But that doesn’t guarantee that they’ll never have the chance again! Labyrinth. It’s so captivating. The scene made me feel disgusted, just like School Days did. But there was a difference; the emotions involved with it. It didn’t feel forced. It only felt like a crushing blow. The climax to what had been building up since before the series even started. If anyone here was the victim, it was Girl A. Of course, there are many different routes that these characters could have taken, but I feel that Girl A was the one who suffered most from what eventually came to be. For that, she has my condolences.

I’m going to have to thank the person who initially convinced me to watch this series. It was truly something special. And to think, it’s a kinda sorta sequel to an anime adaptation that didn’t fare well with MAL use- critics! I suppose this is just another example of “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” That line is so overused, it makes me sick to even use it. Regardless, White Album 2 is a series I will never forget. It’s attention to detail and the ability to evoke emotions from me are the strengths of its game, and it handled it pretty well. I remember a time when most anime made me feel this way. I truly miss those days.

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