The Terrible Tale of the Two-faced Tommy

There was nothing. A nothing which with polluted all space. Nothing need not move nor have reason. For if nothing exists, the word holds true. Beyond any comprehension, nothing would remain. However, unbeknownst to the nothing, there was something. Something so extraordinary that it could not be subdued by the overwhelming hold of the void of non-existence: the existence of nothing. With the arrival of this something, time began, comprehension was created, and the nothing faded away into a being not known to humankind. As the nothing retreated, the something created. It created other somethings. It created so many somethings that the space in eternity that the nothing had once inhabited was a mere speck compared to the perimeter in which the somethings occupied. When the original something had finally stopped creating, it became dormant; whether voluntary or involuntary, the original something was never to be a part of history since. These new somethings, all born from the same creator, all created within moments of each other, were lying in wait. For what purpose? Was there a purpose? Each something lied in wait; silently, motionless, perfectly aligned. All somethings were set, bound by seemingly divine instruction. Forever would they hold that position.

Until one moved.

One something had started to drift. Not out of malice, nor any sense of obstruction. It progressed almost too slowly. The one something would sway and turn, but only so gently. In the space of everything, there was a single piece that moved to its own accord. The something turned. The something rose. The something spun. The something grew. The actions that would transpire were almost incomprehensible. However, as the something continued, it grew more substantial. The movement grew fiercer. The transformations became more prominent. It was no longer one something. It became its own.

My computer is acting frisky. It seems to want to load video players all the way before it plays the video, instead of just playing when it becomes available to play. This being said, with certain video players, it takes an awfully long time to load the videos. I’m talking 10-15 minutes worth of waiting here. This is really killing my drive to watch any anime whatsoever. This led to me trying to convert over to manga. However, as I know so well about myself, it’s difficult for me to instantly get into one thing when another thing, which still holds my primary interest, is still somewhat readily available. I just can’t stand waiting so long to watch a twenty minute video. It really cuts into my free time.

I may just break down and get my own laptop. I can smell the remaining bits of whatever social life I had crawling under my bed. Or into my fingernails. To whoever chooses to read this post with a horribly misguided title, I hope life goes well for ya.

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