Thoughts on Comic Studio (Spoilers, Very Explicit)

Woooo! Finished this in eight hours! That’s the fastest I’ve ever completed a manga. Whoop-dee-doo.

Now, what do you get when you take an interesting premise and cram it into a story that is rushed on every level? You get a shitty outcome.

Comic Studio is every die-hard romantic’s wet dream come to fruition. And by that, I mean IT NEVER STOPS THE FUCKING ROMANCE. Chapter one is an introductory chapter. Gets the reader to know the characters a little bit. Cool. Howdy-doo. Chapter two skips a month in time. A MONTH. IN A CHAPTER. WOW. OKAY. This is a horribly lazy precursor to set up a romantic interest between the main character and the loli bitch. You can’t use the “they just met each other” argument. They’ve been with each other for a month, so it’s okay! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Speaking of which, loli bitch is a bitch. Why would anyone like her? Because she’s cute? Famous? Sounds about right. By the way, there is something about this manga I deplore, despise, loathe. The main characters (most of them) are twenty and above. Yet, YET, The loli bitch still looks and acts like a loli bitch. The main character is twenty and still acts like a prepubescent little angel around the concept of fucking. WHAT IS THE POINT OF MAKING CHARACTERS OLDER IF THEY’RE STILL GOING TO ACT LIKE FUCKING TEENAGERS?! AND THEY DON’T EVEN LOOK TWENTY! CAN SOMEONE IN THE MAIN CAST HAVE A BEARD OR SOMETHING?! PLEASE?!

The rest of the characters in general are strange at most and terrible usually. There’s the background designer, who acts mature… and that’s it. There’s the ACTUAL TEENAGER who ACTS LIKE A THIRTY YEAR-OLD PEDOPHILE. Comic Studio. Stop it. DO YOU KNOW HOW TO AGE?! And then, later on, there’s some guy who acts like an actual sexual predator but everyone writes him off as a “pure and nice guy,” so it’s fine if he harasses underage women. Again, Comic Studio, learn to age. How do these characters perform as a group? Comic relief. Is this manga funny? No. Are any of the characters likable? No. Do the two main characters have any romantic chemistry? If you enjoy tsunderes, absolutely. Luckily for me, my favorite anime is Toradora, so that’s a tad up my alley. For anyone else, look far away.

This story is so rushed. It could be Megaman’s sidekick. One chapter, they’re sitting around at a “drinking party.” The next, it’s Christmas. After that, It’s already been a year since main character started working with the crew. Hold on there, cowboy. Another thing with the story progression is that it’s incredibly repetitive. Let me give you the formula of how most chapters play out:

– Plot for chapter is introduced
– Something “funny” (strange and/or creepy) happens.
– Main character and loli bitch sneak off somewhere alone.
– They do really dirty stuff, but are too embarrassed and “pure” to fuck.
– The chapter ends with them doing nothing or being caught or anything relatively similar to that.
– I add one more mark to the many marks on my arm that I had sliced at with a plank of wood I found in my neighbor’s backyard to signify how many times I had read the exact same chapter over and over again.

To add to the story’s already rushed and repetitive nature, it never seems to want to hover over anything substantial, like main character’s dream to be a manga author, until the very end. Oh, sweet honey buns is that ending absolutely forced. I don’t even want to spoil it it’s s- AFTER ALL OF THE SEXUAL BUILD-UP BETWEEN THE TWO MAIN CHARACTERS, THE STORY ENDS WITH, LIKE, TWO PANELS OF FUCKING BETWEEN THEM AND THEN THEY DO IT. THEY FUCKING DO IT. “Two Years Later, everybody’s so happy! The background artist got married and had a baby! The teenager is now in college and is still fighting with the sexual predator! Lol! And Loli Bitch and Main Character got married, too! And she’s pregnant! OMG! YAY! HAPPINESS! HAAAAAAAAAAAAPPINESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!” Fuckin’ author. Fuckin’ art. Fuckin’ rushed story. Fuckin’ 233,742,693,874 nude scenes. Fuckin’ sex jokes. Fuckin’ no emphasis on drawing manga for half of the manga’s serialization. Fuckin’ characters. Fuckin’ Comic Studio. You’re awful.

The art was fine. Lots of nude scenes, so I guess it’s artistic. Ha!

When summing up Comic Studio, one could come to the conclusion that the author ran out of idea’s after the third chapter and said “Damn, I need to make this interesting, but how? A pitiful amount of nerve-racking romantic, sexual tension! Yeah!” It’s the best of both worlds: boys come for sex, girls come for emotion. Only the girls get any payoff, however with how fast the story flies, it’s hard to imagine any emotion went into this story at all. Although, for that awkward period in between with all pseudo sex and no manga, it was a guilty pleasure to see so many opportunities for heart-pounding romantic development. I’m just stupid like that. That’s the sole reason I’m not giving this manga the lowest possible score. A flaw in me is the strength in Comic Studio.

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