Thoughts on K-On! (Season One)

Bah. I don’t care to write much on this series.

What is a plot? A plot is a subject or a conflict within a story that keeps the story moving forward, or allows the characters to take action due to this change or progression in story. The plot in K-On!~ (I love how Yui says it during intermissions) is one that many would consider no plot at all. However, if a story had no plot, there would be no story. It is impossible to not have a plot. It’s impossible. The plot of K-On!~ is, quite simply, the character named Yui joins the Light Music Club and continues to practice toward a big stage event that I can’t think of at the moment…. Fukodan? Oh, wait, it’s not just Yui. It’s Tsumugi, Mio, and Ri- …uh. Ricchan…. I seriously can’t remember her name. Ritsuka? She’s called that so much in the anime I can’t be sure! They all wanna practice and get better because they’re in a club, so why not?

The characters are cool. I don’t care for Sawa-chan, their advisor, as she’s an unidentifiable and unrealistic character in a show where things are shockingly realistic. However, Yui is carefree to the point where it’s scary. Her moe factor is at a solid seven. Micchan is the eccentric drummer who is mostly energetic and never lethargic. Her moe factor is at a three. Tsugumi is hard to analyze as a character. She’s not focused on most of the time and when she is, she’s just described as the “rich but sweet girl.” Her moe factor is at a five. Mio is the calm, collected “parent” of the club. She’s always trying her best to keep everyone aligned and keeping cool under pressure. Out of everyone in the series, I think she tries the absolute hardest. She’s also incredibly shy, bad with scary things, and whole-heartedly pure. Her moe factor ranges from nine to six hundred. Further along in the series, the club gains Azusa, a lower-grade member who is similar in personality to Mio, except she’s less mature, to a degree. She also has pig-tails. The moe factor machine just melted.

Art. Cute. Moe. Blush. Chibi. Blank, seed-shaped eyes. Effort. Special effects. Normal, but effective. Design was fine. Characters’ lips looked similar to duck bills while singing. I learned almost nothing about music, by the way. Ohohoho.

That’s just what K-On!~ is; a series that tries to melt your heart… with music. Definitely music. The characters are likable and beyond adorable, the plot is there and doesn’t falter, and the animation is good enough to hold anybody’s attention. I even somewhat enjoyed the sou- PFFFFFFFFFFFFT. No. I’m sorry. I can’t do it. I still couldn’t really care less about sound.

Fuck you, Sawa-chan.

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