Thoughts on So Ra No Wo To

Upon completing this anime, I’ve come ever so closer to becoming an emotionless cyborg. So Ra No Wo To is a title worthy of the spaces between its syllables. You get a plot, then empty filler. Over and over.

The plot goes a little like this; a girl joins this group of all female soldiers because whatever. They encounter a lot of females throughout the series, because whatever. The low amount of men in this series makes me wonder if the inclusion of all of these women are just for demographic purposes. More than likely. I wouldn’t put it past them. This girl tries to learn the way of a “soldier” with others in her exact position. How does she do this? Quotes you’d find uplifting and optimistic. Hooray for feelings!

The characters are some of the most unrealistic and unlikable archetypes I’ve ever come across in any anime. The main character is somewhat similar to Ai from Sunday Without God, who is perfect in anything and everything, not to mention irresistably cute. There are others characters who are there, too. We have the tsundere, the kuudere, the boss(wo)man, and the girl who is always smiling while holding dark secrets inside. These cast of characters aren’t exactly hatable, they’re just unlikable. All throughout the series, I thought to myself, “Gee, I wonder who I would save among these five if they were trapped in a burning building?” The most popular answer was none of them. The most likable character in this story was the woman who waited all her life for her lover to come back. She’s given about ten minutes of screentime.

There’s this owl that goes flat. It goes flat. Well, not like flat as paper, but flat enough for me to think “Oh. That’s not natural.” That’s the art of this anime. By the way, all of the girls are cute and cuddly. Mission accomplished, So Ra No Wo To.

The reason I’ve left so little to read (aside from typing on a laptop with a failing battery life) is because there’s really nothing I can say about this title in-depth. It feels cliche. It feels the need to shove women in our face so that the story will become more appealing. It feels like only those who are true empathizers will get anything out of this story. It just feels dull to me.

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