Commencing Summer of Anime 2014

The Summer of Anime 2014 is officially at hand (even though I could’ve started ten hours ago)!

I will be posting my thoughts on anime as per usual, but I will start to include SoA entry numbers and personal and critical scores (traditional A-F grading scale).

During this time, I should be posting entries either every day or every other day, as the goal of the SoA is to blitzkrieg through as much anime as possible from now until my birthday on August 20th. The goal is 25 titles (including ten re-watches from previous SoA’s, as decided earlier on). I can only watch one title at a time and I’m not allowed to drop a title after I get past the halfway point in the series. If I were to drop a title, it would go under the “Abandoned List.” If I were to grow tired of one series, I am allowed to put it on-hold and move on to a different title, but after the second title is finished, I must immediately go back to the former title. Again, a title cannot be put on-hold after the halfway point. If I were to not complete the 25 titles within the time limit (which is incredibly unlikely, seeing as I finished the last two summers by the first week of August), I would technically “lose.” That is to say, I would have an incomplete summer… of anime. I am still allowed to watch on-going anime and/or OVA’s and movies while the SoA is going on. I think that’s it.

Wish me luck! And a happy Summer to all!

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