Entry #5: Ebiten

This is a patch in the history of the Summer of Anime that will live in infamy. I dropped Elemental Gelade due to it being catastrophically boring. I then moved on to Mirai Nikki, but dropped that as well due to time constraints (only to find out it wasn’t necessary). And so, I turned to a quick hitter in Ebiten, a series I was already familiar with and had a short amount of episodes. It was a perfect solution for the tumultuous situation I had created for myself. Ho-hum.

That being said, I don’t want to write anything more than I have to about this series.

Ebiten wasn’t as dull as Elemental Gelade, but Mirai Nikki was a lot more engrossing. Ebiten relies on comedy and ridiculous situations to entertain the viewer. It didn’t. There’s your plot.

All of the characters are stupid. None of them are likable. Most of them are irritating. Some of them are pitiable.

The art was fine, if not somewhat, wait for it, dull. The ridiculous scenarios played out fairly well due to the hyperactivity of the artistic direction. Then again, it’s enough to cause people seizures. Or wet pants. I don’t know.

I wonder why I ever brought this back from my Dropped list. It had a terrible first episode and it continued to be terrible up until episode eight, when it became almost unbearable. Are you really going to try and put drama into this show? Are you really going to try and put character development into this show? You can’t fix toast with a hamster wheel. Or a cat. Damn cats.

Personal Score: D

Critical Score: D+

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