Entry #9: Hidan no Aria (Re-Watch) (Explicit, Spoilers)

I think when I first watched this series, I was still enamored with the concept of multiple beautiful women fighting over an uninteresting male counterpart. I think we’re all affected by this concept early on in our anime watching careers. However, now that I have a brain, I can see just how irritating this series really is. Although it’s certainly not the worst, Hidan no Aria is still fairly low tier.

What happens when a boy gets aroused? He becomes God. Hidan no Aria logic.

What happens when Japanese society decides that a trained, adult police force isn’t enough to combat terrorists? They start training kids. Hidan no Aria logic.

What would Sherlock Holmes’s great granddaughter look like? A pink-haired loli. Hidan no Aria logic.

How does one make Dracula look better? Turn him into a werewolf. Hidan no Aria logic.

Police officers don’t exist. Hidan no Aria logic.

That’s not all, but that’s all I can really think of at the moment. Don’t make me think any harder, please.

What we have with Hidan no Aria is some little bitch who wants to make people her slave so that she can prove that her mother is innocent of a crime she didn’t commit. Which brings up the question of what she “did” and why people accuse her of it. Neither are elaborated.

She recruits Kinji, a character who becomes God when aroused. Because lol. He’s useless, except when he’s God. Because he’s God. Main character logic.

Aria herself, otherwise known as little bitch, is a little bitch. Tsundere logic.

There’s a childhood friend. The last scene that’s shown with her is her pleading with the main character to fuck her. Childhood friend logic.

There’s this slut who really likes acting slutty but is actually dark and edgy inside because of her past. The most enjoyable character, but that’s comparing broccoli to shit.

The art is fine. It would have been finer if the censors didn’t censor… anything. It censored bra shots. Wow. Thank you for keeping my mind pure of underwear, Hidan no Aria.

I never really said anything about the plot, did I? Oh well. It’s not worth sharing anyway. It’s just funny. Not in a good way.

I wish I had some pepto bismol. I’d rather ingest that sort of pink liquid rather than indulge in Aria’s hair. It at least makes me feel better. My entries are so stupid….

Personal Score: C-

Critical Score: D

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