Entry #19: Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (Re-Watch) (Spoilers?)

Sheesh, I didn’t give myself anything to go off of the first time I watched this. I think I was just too enamored with how uniquely styled the storytelling was to really pan through the jungle that is Jintai.

Something I really liked about this anime was the characters. The main character in particular is one of the most realistic characters I’ve seen in all of anime. She’s human, with both good and bad qualities. She puts her jobs first and her personal grievances later. It was very entertaining to hear her commentary on the situation around her, which normally contradicted what displayed on the outside. It’s that side of saving face that makes her one of the more genuine characters in this show.

Other characters didn’t fair as well, but that’s because they weren’t as entirely focused on, which was intentional on the anime’s part. The main character is the main character. No one can take her place. A few characters in particular include Grandfather, Assistant, Y, and the fairies, who all serve their own role throughout. Grandfather is probably my least favorite character of the bunch. His youthful side is more entertaining, while also more ridiculous. With age, he’s turned a new leaf… or gun. Y reminds me of Togame from Katanagatari. She appears as this cool, intelligent character on the outside, but she’s genuinely insecure about her image (usually). That and she has really light hair. Assistant felt more along the lines of comic relief, but served as a memorable side character. He couldn’t talk, but he can show expressions. His whole backstory is convoluted, though. Finally, the fairies basically are the comic relief, while serving as the “new humanity.” They’re simple in nature, but their magic is unpredictable. Speaking of which, their magic seems to negate anything logical in this anime. How far should that excuse the inconsistencies this show has?

Why are the fairies the new humanity? Why is humanity declining? How did the fairies come into existence? Why does the main character have pink hair? Why does the role of a mediator get passed on to a young girl fresh out of school? Is there some sort of mediator test? Why don’t the fairies’ mouths move when they talk? Why are they stuck on one expression? Why is their so little electricity? How is a boy who was taught no language supposed to think? Why isn’t Grandfather able to discern that his granddaughter is the “beautiful woman” from his past? Why do the last two episodes feel so contrived?

These are some of the questions that arise while watching Jintai. There are more, but I’d rather not write more than I should.

My buddy had said that she dropped this title because the bright colors hurt her eyes. This is a valid truth, as Jintai’s artwork is incredibly vivid. Somewhat too vivid. Episodes seven and eight should provide proof enough. It also gives off a fairy tale like vibe, which suits the idea of fairies ad magic. It also promotes the absurdity of the parody present in Jintai. How could such things as skinned chickens be conceived as relevant antagonists? Through the art. It’s nice on the eyes and vibrant at its core, even if the subject of parody isn’t.

I wasn’t a fan of the last two episodes. I actually considered giving Jintai a higher rating… but the last two episodes…. Not to mention, the plotholes and the lack of a stable background made the show’s immersive qualities underwhelming. Nevertheless, the unique storytelling and the strength of the main character alone are enough to make Jintai a very relatable and enjoyable anime. It’s like a spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down. Mark your records, folks; I really just typed that.

Personal Score: B+

Critical Score: B

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