Entry #20: Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru (Re-Watch)

Mmm, I don’t have a lot to say about this anime… again. It was really all over the place, but I feel the re-watch has made me more appreciative of what this title offers.

It’s a slice of life, technically. It’s just the misadventures of a lazy girl in her sporadically normal town. That’s pretty much all it is. Expect little to no development for a lot of the characters, but there are a lot of relatable instances that are hard not to enjoy. Like with Kanagi before this, it feels all too much like a parody of sorts. Though, while Kannagi seemed to spoof the anime genres it incorporates, Soredemo seems to be a play on life itself.

I liked most of the characters. But, with most slice of life titles, they’re only skin deep. There’s a small sample of depth to Hotori, as her daily life is shown quite prevalently, and is within the realm of possibility… to a parodic extent. I recall one of my favorite segments of the anime is when Hotori’s little brother, Takeru, is asked out on a date by a mean girl in his school. I love how accurately it depicts how much children care about their appearances and what they’re willing to do to uphold it. For that, I love Takeru as a character.

As for everyone else, it varies. A lot of characters are just shown in parodic fashion. Mr. Moriaki, the police officer, and Hotori’s father are three such characters. There are others that are more focused on and share some intimate moments with the audience, such as the head maid and Sanada. The characters are somewhat of a mixed bag. Hotori is undeniably likable only for her lax lifestyle, while others can really only be judged by a single personality point. It’s all they show, because that’s all that’s being parodied. I think my favorite character was the old man who couldn’t pass on.

In my first entry, I compared the earlier animation to the Monogatari series. This still holds true. Characters would just move around for the hell of it, because why not? This seems to be a bit of parody as well, as people seem to hold too much emphasis on character movement in other shows. I love how this show displays the characters in a way as to not make them look incredibly appealing. The only exception would be big-bust. Everyone’s heads are shaped like upside-down pears. Hotori’s eyes are just perfectly round. OLD PEOPLE ACTUALLY LOOK OLD. It’s a unique type of character design that I think works well with the nature of the show. It certainly isn’t for everyone, though.

I liked this show. I liked it more than I did last year. It’s almost an opposite to Kannagi, which I ended up liking less for incorporating a legitimate story to a parody-based show. I thought the final episode of Soredemo was both a success and a failure. I thought the incorporation of “Heaven” was humorous, but the pity-fest was far too over the top for me to enjoy. I didn’t like it at all last year, though now, I can only say it dragged the series down a tad. I’m glad I re-watched Soredemo. I really am.

Personal Score: C+

Critical Score: B-

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