Entry #22: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (Spoilers)

I’ve noticed something with Urobutcher’s works. I like the story, just not the characters.

I have a raging headache at the moment, so I’ll make this quick.

The plot was cool. The concept was nice. I liked the execution, and the ending was satisfactory… I guess.

The only problem was, I had very little emotional attachment to it. I never found the characters all that likable. They had their quirks, and when the situation called for it, they changed into “DEEP, PSYCHOLOGICAL, EDGY” characters. This is most prevalent with Sayaka.

There’s also something I didn’t like about the logic of the show. It likes to preach that the universe needs the power that the witches exude after they’re defeated by the magical girls. Question: why? What is this energy? Does the universe run on rechargeable batteries? Why do witches even exude said power? What does said power do for the witches? Can they survive without it? And another thing, if magical girls can wish for anything, why haven’t about 237423984763489432 people wished to become a god? I would certainly think that would happen more than once, and with people who aren’t as pure-hearted as Madoka. What would occur? Would anything occur? Questions, questions….

The story itself, however, was truly captivating. A lot of it made sense… granted you look at it from a different perspective. I liked the concept of fate and how you could never escape it. Akemi’s situation was truly unfortunate, and I thought it was very well thought out. By the way, Akemi is best character. But that’s like saying you like ladybugs more than hornets.

Art was cool. I really liked the style of the witches and what-not. A lot of atypical design and effort put into them made for a scary treat. Well, not scary, but dark nonetheless. I didn’t like the fight scenes, though. Most of them were short and lacked creativity within them. Not to mention, there were barely any that lasted more than two minutes. It’s a deep show, not a thrilling one.

Basically, the run-down of this show goes like this:

Pro- Good concept and story progression. Nice art style.

Con- Boring characters (except maybe Akemi). Story has plotholes. Atmosphere felt forced at times.

It’s a good show, and I can understand the hype behind it. I just didn’t think it was enough to consider itself a masterpiece. Perhaps it could have benefited from more episodes. I don’t know, and I never will know. All I know now is that this show is what it is, and that’s all there is to it. That last sentence basically said nothing.

Personal Score: C+

Critical Score: B

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