Entry #23: Cowboy Bebop (Spoilers?)

I don’t want to type long, even for a classic. I’ll just make it nice and general.

I liked the plot. I didn’t like how they never explained the world they reside in, but at the same time, it leaves the mind more opportunity to pay attention to the story and setting, due to a looming curiosity for their world. This, in retrospect, is a more effective way of storytelling than just telling the viewer everything.

I didn’t like the episodes that constantly brought up new characters from the main characters’ pasts that died by the end of the episode. Sure, it gave more depth to the main cast, but did nothing for the characters presently doing so. Oh, he died. Well, at least I like Spike better now.

This anime actually felt like a slice of life. That was interesting. It felt somewhat episodic, but did well to develop the characters.

Speaking of which, I’ll give my feedback on ze characters:

Jet: Like ’em. Cool guy; somewhat of a boring personality though. Past was nicely executed.

Spike: Didn’t care for his past, honestly. I thought he had the best personality of the group, the sort of personality that Kamina from Gurren Lagann has, except without the PARTYHARD optimism.

Faye: Had the most interesting past, and might have been my favorite character. She certainly had the most empathetic of pasts, and a fairly genuine personality based on her lifestyle. One of two scenes I felt from this anime that were powerful resulted from her.

Ed: Weakest character. Mostly comic relief. Made me chuckle a couple times, but that was pretty much it. Didn’t really care for her past.

Ein: Liked her(?) more than Ed. Ain’t that funny?

I think this might be the farthest I’ve gone back in years based on serious anime viewing. Early ’90s, man. Wowzers. Animation sure looked different back then. Certainly looked more realistic, which was nice for a fairly realistic show (if you forgive the unrealistic feats of human accomplishment). Something I learned about this show: I don’t like birds flying around whenever someone dies. It’s overkill. Bah. The characters designs were unique enough. Someone in the main cast had a beard (THANK YOU) and they weren’t sexualized to de- oh, wait. Well, at least Faye didn’t act slutty.


Personally, I wouldn’t consider it one. I can understand the importance of it and its influence on anime in general, but I didn’t think it was enough to really make it great. Enjoyment was higher for this show than technicality, in my opinion. It’s a good show and it’s fun to watch, but there are some things about it that make it fall short of epic, especially those repetitive “Hi, bye” episodes.

Personal Score: B+

Critical Score: B

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