Entry #25: Neon Genesis Evangelion (Spoilers?)





I can’t grip my mind over the last two episodes…. It’s too far gone… but at the same time, I feel they were necessary. It felt nice, but it felt like overkill at the same time. I think this conflicting emotion alone is what makes the direction of this series’ ending so great. It does little for the story. It leaves you to wonder. What really happened? Of course, this will leave many in bad taste. I, on the other thumb, am torn. I can’t really decide entirely whether this is a good or a bad move. All I know is that I wouldn’t change it.

I feel this series has similar problems in its storytelling as Cowboy Bebop does. Though, while Bebop takes random characters and sacrifices them to improve the viewer’s understanding of the main cast, Evangelion just uses repetitive plot progression. Here’s how it goes for a majority of its episodes:

Character building |v|
Some angst (occasionally) |v|
Threat appears |v|
Threat gets the upper hand |v|
Team wins at the last second |v|

While the story itself is cryptic in general, the characters are a little more predictable. I always tend to see people argue about who the best character is. Almost no one picks Shinji, and they usually decide between Rei or Asuka. Personally, as I am a fan of tsunderes (for some reason), I enjoyed Asuka as a character more than anyone else. However, I can’t help but feel that Shinji is a genuinely strong character. Most of the characters in this series are strong characters. I liked almost all of them, frankly. Never liked Kaji though.

I liked the emotional focus on the characters. I liked knowing what made them them. What I didn’t like was the fact that the ones piloting the evas had to be kids. Why? They mentioned within the series that those who pilot the evas had to be kids. Why? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? Because they’re more hormonal? Because they’re more likely to use their emotions? Or is it because they’re emotionally unstable? I’m not sure anyone noticed this, but those who pilot the evas in this series are fairly emotionally unstable. That might have something to do with it.

I liked the art. I didn’t like Misato’s body. It was odd. Shaped like a narrow hourglass. I don’t think her organs could rest comfortably. I thought the evas looked fairly grotesque. It masked their true identity quite nicely. And the kinds of things these kids are subjected to? The art style paints it quite nicely. I also liked how realistic these characters looked. And if they didn’t look realistic, there was a reason for it! It was fine. Fine, fine, fine. Oh, it looked so menacing.

Truly an inspiration, I can’t find anything wrong with it at all! Of course, unless you don’t like repetitive episodes, the abstract ending that doesn’t give you anything, and the emphasis on children going mad from psychological trauma. I liked it. It was nice. Can you tell that the ending has me so psychologically scarred that I can’t really think of anything innovative to say? It’s got me in its grasp. It will never let go. I will never let go. Evangelion is a series I will never forget. I’m not sure how well it’ll treat me. Nevertheless, I am devoid of all thought as of writing this. I need a nap.

Personal Score: B

Critical Score: B+

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