Thoughts on Kill la Kill Special (Spoilers?)

“Ridiculous, every last word of it!”

Yeah, that.

This special is a good example of everything wrong with Kill la Kill, wrapped up into a twenty-seven minute long showing. I feel the original series makes up for this by having time to at least attempt to explain the situation and how things come to be. However, with as little time as they have here, it’s hard to really excuse it anymore.

It starts off well, exploring Satsuki’s future after ruling with an iron fist for much of her life. They even brought back a character that was presumed dead, and enacts her revenge on the lot of them. The quote above was said by her, by the way.

But it quickly falls down from there. There’re just too many things that break the plain of realistic story-telling. I have no issue with how realistic any of this is, because I saw (and enjoyed) the original series, but as I stated above, the lack of time really hinders this special. Characters suddenly displaying moves without any prior knowledge of them (like with the original series), enemies that basically appear out of thin air because why not, and a conclusion that can best be described with another quote:

“What? But you’re not making any sense?”

Not making sense is the ultimate conclusion to this special. Bravo. The enjoyability factor is there, but only if you could ignore the issues with pacing and (slightly parodied) cliches. I couldn’t, so that greatly affects my score, despite how much I enjoyed the original series. It’s an appropriate end to the series, but the original ending had more of an impact… even though that ending was lackluster as well.

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