Quick Thoughts on the Ano Natsu de Matteru Special (Spoilers)

A little feelzy. Not too much, though.

Almost like a wrap-up episode, but more with recaps, the special was light-hearted, and tried to get me light-hard-ed. Dohoho. Despite the joke, I didn’t care for this. The special in tone was feelzy from the get-go, taking place two years after the end of the original series. It shows what’s happened to our characters over time. What has happened? Not much, actually. I couldn’t even place the exact date of the special until it told me.

Now, as for the light-hard-ed joke, there was a segment in the special where Kaito looks back on filming with Ichika and his friends. This includes Ichika’s bad acting and the whole scenario with “lemon-sempai” spiking every girl’s drink. What do drunk girls lead to? Jealousy and getting naked. Hooray. You take on a feelzy tone and you progress it through fan service? Bah. And then it goes back to being feelzy all throughout the rest of the special! Interesting placement there. DON’T MIND US, JUST TRYING TO MAKE YOU CRY. HAVE SOME TITS. NOW CRY SOME MORE.

Nevertheless, it reminded me of the original series, and also reminded me of how much I need to re-watch it. Nostalgia strikes again.

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