Thoughts on Jinsei

This show ended two and a half months ago, and the final episode just got subbed. Thank you, Mori.

There’s really not a whole lot to say about this series. All one has to do is think of every cliche there is surrounding clubs, schools, and girls with one “unique” characteristic with a single, oblivious guy among them, and you have Jinsei.

The story is laughably stupid. A club tries to answer questions sent in by students seeking life help. The club members are all stupid in some way, so their answers reflect that. One doesn’t have street smarts, one has tits, and the other may genuinely be completely stupid. There are other characters that become important later on in the series, but they don’t matter (as if anyone else does). Oh, and then there’s the guy. He’s the guy character in an anime title. There is nothing more that needs to be said.

In regards to how the story progresses, it takes on a sort of slice of life approach at first, then treads into romantic territory (through use of stupid), then gets into serious business with a corrupt student council president. Though, that’s not to say anything about this series is “serious,” because it’s not. I feel it’s just trying to cash in on the oh-so-popular “RANDOM GIRLS IN CLUBS” hype of today. I didn’t care for D-Frag, so I certainly don’t care for this title any more so.

Like with the story, the characters don’t have a lot of substance. There are many jokes that are stated within this show. Some are dumb, some are unfunny, but most are so dumb that they’re unfunny. The characters are all archetypes and have no personality outside of what’s established for them in the debut episode. Hell, characters that show up later on are just jokes. They don’t even have a personality. They’re just thrown in there for comedy and fan service. This entire show is fan service. Who doesn’t love cute girls trying to be stupid in a club at school with a guy they could possibly seek to fornicate with? Oh, just to be clear, this isn’t actually a harem. But it could be with the right amount of net earnings.

The art is fine. There are times when the animation is soothing to the eyes, but mostly it’s just kind of there. A lot of it is spent on exaggerated expressions and half naked teenagers; y’know, kind of like most anime. Otherwise, art isn’t really a key factor to this series to any extent.

[Insert paragraph detailing how much I was annoyed with a certain character’s voice here.]

It’s just fucking D-Frag. A lesser version of it, might I add, but D-Frag nonetheless. Random girls in a club with one guy, goofing off and displaying things contrary to what teenage girls actually behave like. It’s almost like a fantasy world, except there are no fantasy elements to it. I’ve noticed recently that the most popular trend among teenage viewers is the premise of fantasy. Jinsei is one such example where fantasy is but a subtle coating upon the characters of the series, rather than the series itself. Y’know, because they’re about as realistic as my chances at getting together with Kate Upton.

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