Thoughts on Girlfriend (Beta)

I have a confession to make: I didn’t actually watch this series.

I had it playing, and it played through to the end for each and every episode, but I just couldn’t absorb any of it. This series is without a doubt one of the most boring series I have ever seen. When boring titles come to mind, I immediately think of A Bridge to the Starry Skies, another series I watched, yet didn’t watch. It actually has a lot in common with Girlfriend; both have a lot of cute girls, and a lot of nothing.

But enough with the comparisons, Girlfriend is not one to be compared to anything!

Another thing Girlfriend can be compared to is all other slice of life titles ever in the history of everything. Girlfriend is basically a slice of life series trying way too hard to be a slice of life. No one wants to watch cute girls doing mundane things. People want to watch cute girls doing cute things, things that accentuate the likable qualities that each character in the series has. Girlfriend has such riveting plot lines such as “A girl writes a story and everyone wants to read it,” “A girl goes to school,” and “Miss Monochrome is in this series?” With headlines such as this, who wouldn’t want to engross in the truest to life slice of life show ever?

By the way, this is exactly the problem. Girlfriend is so unbelievably boring and dull and mundane that it rubs off on its entire frame. The characters in this series (all 800 of them) are all so mind-numbingly boring that the viewer doesn’t care about anything that happens in the series. Slice of Life is a genre that focuses solely on character and their interactions with others. Girlfriend has FAR too many characters, none of whom receive any individual attention aside from perhaps a single episode or so. If you ask me a week from now what any of the characters’ names are, I’d probably say “I don’t have a girlfriend.”

The frame is a large one, so the soil runs deep. Animation is one that looks crisp and clean and shiny and… gross. It’s just dull. All of it. The animation in Girlfriend is almost never utilized because none of the characters make any abrupt movements, never show any exaggerated expressions. It’s just a bunch of rainbow-haired mannequins talking and eating and laughing and I’m busy thinking about anything and everything else. The girls look cute. But this is fan service fodder. It’s to be expected. Here’s an easy equation for you: girls plus nice animation equals money from lonely sausage strokers.

I feel like I haven’t said anything worthwhile throughout this entire entry, but what’s to say other than what’s obvious? Girlfriend is one of those titles that come out every season in an attempt to leech out money from merchandising. This series was based on a fucking mobile game! About having a girlfriend! This title was bound to be a bust the minute the series was announced to be in production. There’s too little there to have anything come out of a twelve-episode series. It’s inevitable, everyone knew it, and its ratings show exactly that.

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