Quick Updated Thoughts on Toradora! (OVA)

Toradora is my favorite anime. It has been for almost three years. I have it to thank for shooting me into the anime medium. However, its additional OVA bundle isn’t really anything.

Takasu feels threatened over his housewife status after Kitamura’s grandmother makes a spectacular boxed lunch. The entire OVA goes through Takasu trying to one-up Kitamura’s grandmother by making bigger and better lunches.

It’s random. It’s absurd. It’s basically just Takasu being dumb and the rest of the characters looking at him like he’s weird. There’s some sentimental value to it, but very little. It’s just filler. Nothing important happens. Just some extra screentime for people enamored with the parent series. Like me.

I actually noticed that the animation for this OVA is of a lower-standard than the parent series. That’s… pretty much it.

It’s fine.

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