Entry #9: Yamanko!

This story is like an unbreakable fortress.

No matter what happens, it always remains unscathed.

A girl has cat ears and a cat tail. The only way she can hide these features from the world is by groping against a fellow female classmate.

They have fun together.

Eventually, they blossom into something a little more than friends.

But the story remains unscathed.

The girl has other friends. Friends that only remain friends.

The girl has to help them with their problems.

But the story remains unscathed.

The girl eats food with her friends. She tries to lose weight by dieting.

The cast gets trapped in a board game developed to induce under-aged, lesbian smooching.

They help the president of the Newspaper Club get a big scoop.

But the story remains unscathed.

What do I mean by that? The story remains unscathed?

I mean it never changes.

Okay, so the characters do this and they do that and then things happen and relationships form and nothing bad ever happens and it’s boring and bizarre and has no meaning and things are introduced that may lead into bigger, more dramatic moments later on but they never arise because why the fuck would they, this isn’t real life, this is manga.

The most mundane supernatural slice-of-life story I’ve ever read… up to this point.

These bizarre, crazy, unnatural things happen and these characters shrug it off like it’s nothing. Why do they shrug it off like it’s nothing? Why do they remain sensitive to supernatural crap during each passing chapter, yet never question stupid shit once it actually matters? Whoa! There’s a ghost in the school! I’m scared! No, silly! It’s just a raccoon spirit! Ohhhh! That makes sense! I’m not scared anymore!


It always begins the same way. Each chapter. Something happens. They “fix” it. End of chapter. Repeat. Very rarely does Yamanko! step out of this formula. But when it does, watch out! It gets… no, it’s basically the same, just with more than one chapter.

Once you read the first chapter, you’ve read most of the others, besides a barely developed romance sub-plot near the end. Barely anyone develops as characters. The plot is stagnant. The art is whatever. Just a dull, dull read.

It was pretty cute, though.

Personal Score: D

Critical Score: D

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