Entry #11: The Breaker (Spoilers)

The main characters, a man and a woman, have arrived at the final stage of the story. They are about to enter the base of the biggest, baddest boss of the entire story. The main characters lay their feelings toward each other out in the open, and embrace for the first time. They promise to each other that whatever happens, they will see their mission through to the end. With that, they enter the ominous fortress with a dark determination.

What will happen?

  • One (or both) of them will die.
  • The final boss will yell a lot and spout exposition for twenty pages, all while making the main character look pathetically weak in comparison.
  • The power of emotions will cause a final surge within the main character that aids in the defeat of the final boss.
  • Cliffhanger ending.
  • All of the above.

Choose wisely.

Genuinely cool-looking.
Genuinely cool-looking.

Yeah. It’s cliche. It’s very, very cliche. The story is a familiar one, and it progresses how one would expect it to, even when it starts to become more serious. Fortunately for this story, it’s highly entertaining. The idea behind a secret society of martial artists trying to blend in with the normal world is fascinating. The Breaker’s pacing is also one to be praised. It takes its time to tell the reader everything. Even by the end of the story, it still hasn’t revealed everything. The story still has a shroud of mystery and intrigue to it that makes it more addictive.

However, this is everything past chapter 18 or so. The opening stages of this manga are sub-par at best. This is mostly due to the story trying to kick off the training wheels. The intrigue and mystery the story has later on is really all it has going for it. The beginning chapters are just so blah about everything. Kid gets bullied. Slacker new teacher guy tells him to stop being a pussy. Kid still gets bullied, but fights back… like a pussy. Zany sexual innuendos and whatever. Yay.

The story picks up later on. What doesn’t pick up later on (or at all) are the characters. The characters are either really good or really bad. Don’t get your hopes up, though. The amount of good characters is equivalent to the number of toes I have. I’m an Abra, by the way.

Do you enjoy characters that are blatant fusions of Goku and every male harem protagonist? You’ll really enjoy the characters in The Breaker! Do you enjoy random femme fatales that appear out of nowhere whose past is never explained and becomes a love interest? You’ll really enjoy the characters in The Breaker! Do you enjoy characters with a thirst for vengeance, while at the same time appearing relaxed and silly (and is stronger than everyone who ever challenges him) in his downtime? You’ll really enjoy the characters in The Breaker! Do you enjoy loli tsunderes? You’ll really enjoy the characters in The Breaker! Do you enjoy female childhood friends that serve a point in the story? You won’t like these characters much.

You are useless.
You are useless.

Those are just the base personality types, too. Do they ever develop? To a degree, dependent on the character. The pussy develops as a fighter. Not much as a character worth remembering. The OP slacker develops the most out of any character, I think. His past ties with his master and his importance to the story makes him more… serious. Which is nice. Still far too OP, though. Femme fatale is basically an archetype. Her past is also never explained, so say hello to those plotholes for me. Everyone else is basically shit. I don’t even remember most of the character’s names. That’s quite the impact, right?

Art’s pretty good. Looks nice. Look at the first picture in this entry. It’s awesome. Look at the picture right above this paragraph. That pile of nothing looks pretty life-like.

Look at this picture:

The Breaker 3

The Breaker invented the duck face in 2008.

It’s very meh. But it picks up to be more than meh in the second-half, thanks in large part to the story. The characters are pathetically underdeveloped, especially the apprentice, and it hampers how well the ending sequence (which is ungodly cliche) could’ve felt. The entire story felt too big for its own britches. So many characters with so many storylines, while also trying to juggle the training and physical development of pussy-boy. It fails in most regards, but is still mostly enjoyable. I enjoyed it far more than I should’ve.

Personal Score: B-

Critical Score: C

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