Ruining Avant-garde Yumeko (Explicit)

Quick note: Ruining = Massive spoilers.

From the moment I saw the synopsis for this manga, I knew it was going to be bad.

I just didn’t think it would be this atrocious.

There’s a girl who likes penis. She likes penis so much that she disregards something called “the internet search” and tries to find a weak, unsuspecting male to get him to show her his penis. The rest of the story falls this penis-loving girl and her heartless and logic-defying quest to draw penis forever.

She’s one of the worst characters to ever grace a manga panel. She only thinks about dicks. To the point where common sense is completely lost on her. That’s it. She’s like a god damn infant.

The male lead isn’t much better. He’s willing to put up with anything this bitch throws at him. Why? Because “she’s cute.” Fuck you.

Though, I will give him credit for at least trying to stop the nonsense, but then the bitch opens her mouth and corrals his dick directly into her peehole and the relationship is saved.

Just for the sake of spoiling it for everyone, I’m gonna nutshell this entire manga’s progression:

– Girl likes dick.

– Girl wants to find a nude model because apparently the internet isn’t good enough for her.

– Girl finds a lonely guy in an art club randomly.

– Girl convinces him to be his nude model when the guy begs her to stay in the club (fucking pussy).

– Girl sees dick. Gets excited and paints weird shit.

– Guy wants to stop posing nude. Girl threatens to quit. Guy concedes to continue posing nude for her (fucking pussy).

– Guy almost gets caught posing nude at school. Girl suggests continuing at her home.

– At her home, Girl starts getting overexcited and starts painting on Guy’s dick. Guy tries to rape her.

– Girl decides that she wants to continue seeing him, despite almost being raped by him, because she got a GREAT new idea about imprinting the shape of his dick on towels! Guy is astonished at how stupid she is (lolnotreally).

– Guy gets pissed next time and tells Girl to get nude for him. Girl agrees and starts crying like a bitch (I enjoyed her suffering). Guy feels bad (for some reason).

– A couple weeks pass and the Guy and Girl are starting to lose their passion. Girl isn’t as frantic and Guy isn’t eating or sleeping well. During their next session, Girl touches Guy and realizes that physical contact stimulates erections (No shit).

– Girl ponders the “meaning of cock.” Finds out that the meaning of cock is sex (No shit).

– Girl goes to Guy in the classroom and tells him about her discovery. Guy slaps a bitch (lolnotreally). Girl then yells at him to fuck her.

– They have rough, passionate, paint sex (I think the author has a fetish for smearing shit all over people’s bodies).

– Guy wants to be with Girl forever (lolreally?).

– Girl wants to “go to art school!” because she’s now not only a dick enthusiast, but a nymphomaniac.

– The end.

This manga is hilariously fiction.

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