Thoughts on UN-GO: Inga-ron (Spoilers?)

T’was interesting.

Along with the original series, this OVA had an issue with formula: a mystery is put into place, they ponder over it for a little while, and then the demon person turns into a busty bitch and gives the male lead the ability to solve it because magic. Hooray. It was dumb in the original series, and it was dumb here.

Said busty bitch.
Said busty bitch.

One thing about the original series I didn’t care for was the lack of any explanation behind the male lead’s motivations or personality. With this OVA, a lot of it becomes much more clear, hence the name being “Episode 0.” It probably would have done me a lot of good to watch this before the actual series, but I didn’t, so I won’t dwell on it now. I’ll admit that his background was easy to become immersed in. However, this OVA, like its parent series, relies far too much on convenient bouts of fantasy to justify the progression of the plot.

The character interactions were bizarre, and I don’t think there was enough time to make anything that they shared with each other feel genuine enough to take seriously. There was a scene where the male lead was sleeping in a sleeping bag, only to have one of his female colleagues climb into his bed and stare at his face from two feet away.

“Aren’t you afraid of being alone?” she utters.

Frankly, I’d be more afraid of you raping me in my sleep, lady with whom I’ve had one semi-meaningful conversation with.

It’s scenes like these, among a few others, that make the OVA feel convoluted when it tries to come across as light-hearted. It thrives on drama and the illusion of a mystery, which held my attention far better than whenever it wasn’t said type of atmosphere.

Animation and art was identical to the parent series. It’s okay. The characters designs feel a little lanky, which is an interesting direction to take. The supernatural bits, however, feel a little lackluster for their time. The only thing that looked genuinely frightening was the weird “pink butterflies come out of my eyeballs to take souls away ahhhhhh.” Otherwise, fairly standard stuff. Doesn’t heighten much more than it’s supposed to.


I’m glad I watched this. It actually kinda made me want to re-watch the original series. Kinda. At least, if I choose to, I’d have a little more sense of clarity. It still wouldn’t change the fact that everything is solved through the demon turning into a busty bitch and spitting butterflies into the main character’s brain, but at least I know why that can happen… I guess?

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