Quick Thoughts on Astarotte no Omocha! (Explicit?)

Woo! It only took me 32 months to complete this anime! That’s about an average of one episode every three months! Funny how statistics work.

I should’ve dropped this.

It’s cliche. That is honestly all I can say about this anime. It’s cliche to the fucking max. Every complaint I could make about this anime is the same crop of complaints I’ve made about similar anime in the past. The characters are either boring, not developed, or archetypes. The plot is abandoned for the sake of fan service and slice of life shit. It goes through the whole “plot first, then stupid shit, then end it with something dramatic” sequence that anime seem to fondle over like it’s Pixar quality writing.

It’s a loli tsundere voiced by Rie Kugimiya. No way. It’s a spineless male lead that is hesitant toward anything sexual in nature even though he has a daughter and the whole plot of the show is aimed at pleasing a succubus and he is older than I am.



There are a shit-ton of side characters who only serve as plot progressers, comic relief, or fan service. Some of which are children. BUT THEY’RE NOT HUMAN SO IT’S FINE! (Actually, one is human. No one show Jared Fogle.) Every character is either the most adorable little loli or the biggest pair of tits. Ninety percent of the cast is female. Young (or young looking), attractive females. If you’ve read my entries before, this is nothing new. Hell, if you’ve watched more than three anime, this is nothing new. It’s almost like anime is more about quantity than quality.

Astarotte no Omocha! is nothing new. All the flaws are the same as other anime like it. It doesn’t change itself. It doesn’t alter itself. It’s a mirror image of the industry standard. No logic. No attempt at genuine story telling. No attempt at character development. Check the boxes for what sells and run down the list.

At least the art is nice. Not that it matters.

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