Expanding the Criticism

As some may have noticed, I posted a review of the novel Gregor the Overlander on this blog here a few weeks or so ago. That was first of many reviews I plan to write for things outside of anime and manga for this blog. This particular page in my blogbook, if one were to continue the metaphor, is only a forewarning to those who follow my blog if any only for my anime reviews. I have quite a few interests and would like to explore them further in writing. I also plan on starting a web blog about football on my Youtube channel, which I will provide a link to if that ever comes to fruition It might not actually happen due to lack of motivation.

Things one can expect to see in the near future (besides anime and manga) on this blog include reviews/thoughts on:

  • Video games
  • Movies
  • Novels
  • Football news and outcomes
  • Music(?)

These will also come along with various other forms of writing including Top 10 lists, hyper-analysis pieces, and perhaps an original short story or two. One thing I can fully guarantee is that some of these things will be more prevalent than others. While it won’t be a drastic change content-wise, I will be trying to update more often, and with other topics in mind.

That being said, thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I’ve had it for two years and am now finally treating it like it actually matters. Have a good evening!

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