Thoughts on Dog Days”

Allow me to say something that will likely get me a flood of disapproval: this is the best season of Dog Days thus far.

dog days'' 1

Much of my problem(s) with the first season (and the series in general) is that it didn’t feel like anything mattered. Death didn’t exist and all the characters were so overpowered that any hint of suspense or earnest drama was kaput. Not to mention, there was, like, twenty characters who are almost never focused on outside of their involvement with the main character. To its credit, though, it at least tried to make some impactful things happen, such as the foreshadowing of dog princess’s death and the final two episodes. It had a strange charm to it that made it bearable, but still complete shit.

The second season decided to make it worse. There was absolutely nothing substantial about the second season whatsoever. About ten more new characters to focus on with many more bouts of fantastically illogical plot devices. There was no hint of conflict or anything worth caring about whatsoever. Nothing happens. Aside from the new characters, you could wipe out the entire second season and nothing would change about the third season. Dog Days’ is a one-cour waste of time.

Going into Dog Days”, I expected the series to spice up the show with something “new.” To the surprise of perhaps many, other than me, they did just that. This season featured a lot more dramatic plot elements and character-driven storylines than before (or from what I remember). The focus on “demons” should be enough to make the eleven year-olds watching quiver in fear. The last three or so episodes far eclipsed the quality of perhaps the entire series. I actually felt like something substantial was happening to the characters and the world around them, even if it was still riddled with logical errors. That’s really all I wanted with Dog Days”. I just wanted to feel like watching it mattered, something the second season did not do. It didn’t disappoint—in that regard, anyway.

dog days'' 2
So am I.

Dog Days” had some decent episodes. Decent enough to have me find enjoyment in an otherwise uncreative mess of fan service and colors. The logic, as it always has been, is faulty and unbelievable. How could anyone take the threat of “demons” seriously when they do nothing but strip women of their clothing? Why are hundreds of characters still being introduced when you haven’t even developed the entire cast? Why are all the resolutions conveniently solved by coincidences and convenience? Why is not being inherently evil enough to steal a woman’s heart?

Ahem. Fan service.

When it comes down to it, Dog Days, as a series in general, will never be good so long as it continues to provide gratuitous amounts of fan service. Women get naked, fine, but the timing and the reasoning behind it in this series is beyond pitiful. Thirty seconds after I defeat someone in battle, my clothes explode! These goops of jelly that are supposedly dangerous only want to feast upon “cloth and steel.” What a coincidence, huh?! Hey, there’s a giant monster over there. Better kill it with one shot after becoming a god from one of these stones I received for being “special.” Let’s go play in wars and never die because everything is fair and fun. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

dog days'' 3

There is no suspense. There is no reasoning. There is no development (sparingly). Japanese story-telling at its finest (Telling the what and the why, but never why the what came to begin with). Little struggle. Little resistance. Crammed with as much over-the-top exploitation of female anatomy as I’ve ever seen. Colorful and cute. A perfect show for kids who desire nothing but a happy ending and shiny toys.

Still, though, the quality of story-telling in this season was better. The entire last arc, as mentioned before, far eclipsed any amount of story-telling this series has ever tried. But it’s like comparing brown bananas to uncooked ramen. It’s still bad, but it’s tolerably bad. However, another episode focusing on the former hero girl with the pistol and the demon king guy was pretty okay, too. With as much as I’ve bagged on this series, I can at least say I enjoyed it more than past seasons. With as much bad as it decided to leave in, it also tried to do a little good, too. That much is appreciated. Now if only they could stop being so fucking dumb.

The rating for this title and all others can be found on MyAnimeList.

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