Quick Pick: Seattle at San Francisco (Week Seven; 2015)

This is interesting. Very interesting, indeed.

San Francisco tends to do better at home, at least defensively. Seattle tends to do worse on the road. Seattle also seems to do really well against San Francisco. It’s hard. It’s really hard.

Initially, I wanted to pick San Francisco. They have the better defense (at home) and Colin Kaepernick has been playing well in the past two weeks… against New York (Giants) and Baltimore, but nonetheless. However, their offensive line has gotten him sacked at least twice in basically every game this season. Seattle’s defensive line is better than most. Not to mention, Bobby Wagner’s coming back this week. Bobby Wagner seems to have fun against San Francisco.

Both of the teams’ offensive lines are bad. I would argue that Seattle’s is worse, but Seattle has a better defensive line and string of linebackers. The only thing that worries me is Seattle’s secondary, which has been lacking in the last few weeks. It was against Carolina and Cincinnati, sure, but San Francisco has some deep threats, like Torrey Smith. Not to mention, Seattle’s run defense has also been sporadic thus far.

Both of these teams are just far below par. San Francisco’s wins came against Baltimore and Minnesota. Seattle’s wins came against Detroit (controversially) and Chicago without Jay Cutler. San Francisco really does seem like the more logical choice, but Seattle has a much more talented roster. Mrmm.

Y’know what? I think I’ll take Seattle. Kaepernick hasn’t proven himself against a better (kinda) defense thus far. It won’t start tonight.

Winner: Seattle

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