Quick Pick: Cleveland at Cincinnati (Week Nine; 2015)

Cincinnati better put on their big boy pants, because they’re playing 3 PRIMETIME games in a row. 1 tonight, 1 next Monday, and 1 the following Sunday. Andy Dalton is 3-7 in PRIMETIME games. However, 2 of his 3 wins were at home, so he has a good chance here. After all, who are they facing?

Cleveland? Oh.

Here’s an interesting tidbit: the last time Cincinnati faced Cleveland in PRIMETIME, they lost 3-24. At home. Dalton threw 3 picks and didn’t even complete 1/3 of his passes. Cincinnati was clearly the better team, but they blew it anyway. This should make this game very, very interesting.

But that was last year. This is this year. Cleveland’s defense is not what it was last year and neither is Dalton. I took a chance with Dalton last week against Pittsburgh on the road and he didn’t disappoint, but looked a little shaky. I think it’s safe to say that Cincinnati should wrap this game up without a hitch.

But then again… PRIMETIME.

Winner: Cincinnati

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