Quick Pick: Buffalo at New York (Jets) (Week Ten; 2015)

Buffalo had a huge victory over Miami last week. However, I feel that Miami is starting to lose the thunder they once had against AFC South teams after they got trampled by New England. Not to say it wasn’t an impressive victory, but most predicted it (I didn’t).

Both of these teams are interesting defensively. They used to be powerhouses. Buffalo had an elite defensive unit last year, while New York had an elite defensive unit up until the Oakland game a few weeks ago. Now, these two defenses look a little straddled; like they aren’t tapping into their full potential. I feel these two defenses are almost at equal standings in this match-up, with the edge leaning slightly to New York, as they’ve given up less points than Buffalo.

Thus, I’d have to go by the offensive side of the ball, where New York has more talent on their side of the ball. Willie Colon was put on Injured Reserve, which is a huge blow to their offensive line, but they haven’t given up many sacks this year. If only they could allow Chris Ivory some room to run, though. He hasn’t played well the last few weeks. They got FitzMagic. They got Brandon Marshall. They got Eric Decker. Hell, if Ivory doesn’t run well, FitzMagic could run himself. He just needs to not kill himself doing so.

I’m sure Rex Ryan’s plan of action will be to run the ball, run the ball, and then run the ball some more. He’s got the firepower to do it. Tyrod Taylor’s a great athlete. LeSean McCoy is a great athlete. Karlos Williams has shown to be a reliable back. New York’s front four needs to play stout against Buffalo’s running game. Sammy Watkins also plans to test the waters of Revis Island. Not much aside from him, though. Robert Woods, maybe?

New York is also playing at home. I gotta say, they’re looking like the better choice here. And who am I to bet against FitzMagic? He just needs to stay in the game. Stay in the game and win it. I expect about 10 sacks tonight.

And the Color Rush uniforms look bad. That is all.

Winner: New York

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