Thoughts on Diabolik Lovers: More,Blood


Well, I can give this series credit for one thing: there is definitely more blood.

For a more in-depth look at this series, I’d recommend reading my entry for the first season, as there is so little different between the first and second season that it wouldn’t even matter. The only difference between the two is that More,Blood has more vampires bite-raping the main character as she resists at a frustratingly variable degree every time. Every time.

I would also recommend running at full speed into a wall multiple times until you’re struggling to stay alive for a more suitable watching experience.

diabolik lovers more blood 1

The base plot goes like this: the main girl is kidnapped by other vampires. They keep her there for some “2deep4you” plan involving her blood and the original Adam and Eve story. They don’t explain it until the final episode. Also in the final episode is a new threat that is barely, if at all, mentioned throughout the entire season. It ends on a cliffhanger.

Can I be any more clear on how pointless this entire season is? How pointless this entire series is? It’s a girl getting her blood sucked up by “good looking boys” eight times an episode for the entire season, only to have some drawn-out, unexplained, edgy backstory rear its head in order to not seem like it’s just a girl getting her blood sucked by “good looking boys” eight times an episode for the entire season. That’s all it is. This entire series is a fetish designed for pre-teen girls with a vampire craze. This is for the Twilight crowd, only more masochistic and three-hundred times the disgusting vocal noises echoed from being bitten.

At least the series looks nice, right? Look at these eyes.

diabolik lovers more blood 2

Don’t they just wet your panties, ladies?

Don’t you just wish you could get More,Blood? I don’t.

Who watches anime for the story anyways?

The rating for this title and all others can be found on MyAnimeList.

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