Quick Thoughts on Dimension W

dimension w 1

Okay, so here’s what’s basically happening in this anime:

Another dimension has the ability to do whatever the fuck it wants and no one knows exactly how to control it. It’s been shown to coincide with memories and it seems to respond to those with regrets, past sins, or otherwise traumatic incidents. This is just another example of an anime that has the freedom to throw all sorts of magical bullshit because it feels it’s justified on the basis of “It’s an unknown reality that suddenly appeared randomly.” It’s as if someone put a Gameshark into this world because doing things realistically was too hard.

Of course, this also allows the writers to put in a country’s worth of common-knowledge mind games concerning self-worth, unrealistic possibilities, the importance of human (or robotic) life, and how people can be affected by a life they’ve lost. The amount of “deep thinking” present in this anime is on par with something like, say, Bioshock: Infinite. Unfortunately for Dimension W, it also makes about as much sense as Bioshock: Infinite. Perhaps it’s just not for me, but I can’t help but disregard anime that try to explain things through the power of the subconscious or memories or emotions or things of that nature. It just feels gross to me. So illogical. How can you expect me to believe that the regret of one’s actions are creating a physical hologram of dead people’s souls from the past to murder people in the present? What the fuck? How does that make sense? What happens to the person who was murdered in the past life? Does their timeline stay the same? Does it alter? What of the people from the past who wander the present? They’re not technically alive, so how do they pass on? By ridding themselves of their regrets? How cliché. Dimension W: allowing people to settle their conscience since… fuck you.

This type of storytelling gives me headaches. Every time. It’s irritating. What’s disappointing is I thought this anime had some potential early on. But, of course, they went with the “emotions drive everything because emotions wooooooo” trope. But hey, at least the characters were cool, right? No. I thought the robot girl was fairly likable, but other than her… well, yeah. Either people aren’t developed or people are developed in the most cliché way or developed in the most rushed way. The anime seems like it almost forgets about character development, saving individual character arcs for waaaaaay past the point when they should. I’m talking 3/4 of the way through the anime. Bah! Another series that gets worse the longer it goes on. I also find it funny how the series tries to incorporate random characters into the story to try and make the viewer give a shit about their plights and have the main characters shine based on how they settle their grievances. It’s almost like Cowboy Bebop, but with less likable characters.

Bah! Another series that gets worse the longer it goes on. Story, characters, common sense; none of these really matter in the long run. The animation’s fine, though I thought the fan service felt forced (the robot girl likes bathing). It certainly doesn’t save the anime. I could’ve dropped this before episode nine, but I was too curious to see how they explained anything. Unfortunately for me, it was badly—and I’m somewhat ashamed I didn’t see it coming.

The rating for this title and all others can be found on MyAnimeList.

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