Entry #5: Yuyushiki (SoA 2016)

yuyushiki 1

From Shiki to Yuyushiki. I promise this wasn’t planned.

I won’t say a lot with this entry, because there isn’t a lot to say about Yuyushiki. It’s a true Slice-of-Life that does little to differentiate itself from the crowd.  It chronicles three high-school girls and their daily lives fucking with each other. Rinse and repeat, episode after episode.

The style of comedy that’s implemented within the show goes like this: Yuzuko, the pink one, is random and bizarre, constantly bombarding the group with random acts of zany silliness, with Yukari, the purple one, either laughing at her or following suit to match the mood. Yui, the only one left, acts as the “Straight man” and either responds in a logical or realistic fashion, or smacks Yuzuko across the head. Rinse and repeat, episode after episode.

There are zero male characters in this anime. The entirety of the cast is female, with the designs being suited to bring out vivid cuteness and occasional emphasis on fan service. It blends together the deformed chibi-ness of characters with large eyes, almost invisible noses, and hexagon-shaped heads with realistic body portions from the neck down. This might be the only thing in which Yuyushiki stands out with, and it allows it to claim its own distinct “look.” Though, at the same time, I didn’t much care for the look—especially regarding Yukari’s face. The comedy makes use of this distinct style, as well. There are faces that these characters make to accentuate their reactions, most commonly using blankly-colored eyes with bold lines of circles to regard the pupils. Again, makes the series stand out more, but it didn’t do much. They just made the same exaggerated faces. Rinse and repeat, episode after episode.

While this is more personal taste than anything, I enjoy when Slice-of-Lives try to develop the bonds or camaraderie between characters, or at least give them a little depth or development among the monotony of life. Yuyushiki does this very minimally, and it tends to come off as superficial as it typically happens right after a joke, confusing the tone with awkward bits of sentimentality and conscious humor. There are things the audience learns about the characters within the series, but their lives outside of their respective parties are all but glossed over. I understand the point of a Slice-of-Life is to capture the realistic proportions of everyday life while using cute characters to make it a little more lively, but why use that as an excuse to leave the characters as is? I don’t believe life is just about the fun you can make of it, but the physical and mental growth one goes through as time passes by. If you like cute girls doing cute things, fine, but when it comes to shows like these, it’s hard for me to care about these characters when they’re just characters, as opposed to genuine people. That’s what Yuyushiki ultimately is: three cute girls doing cute girl things. Rinse and repeat, episode after episode.

I feel like I’m picking on a harmless puppy, but that’s just the way it is with me. I found this series to be incredibly boring most of the time, except when the humor made me snicker once every few episodes, reminding me why I hadn’t dropped the series yet. Again, if you’re enamored with the idea of cute girls doing cute things, this series is right up your alley. Otherwise, it’s a meandering and very slightly humorous time-killer.

Personal Score: D+

Critical Score: C-

The rating for this title and all others can be found on MyAnimeList.

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