I’ve Been Nominated for the Unique Blogger Award


Apologies for the sudden influx of award posts. I’ve been getting nominated for these things for the first time and I want to highlight each award at least once.

My sincere thanks to Lethargic Ramblings for nominating me for this award. Their blog deals with anime from the perspective of a relatively laid-back reviewer. Also included are posts critiquing Sword Art Online haters, a 100% accurate guide to anime elitism, and the occasional Top 5 list.

The Rules:

  • Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.
  • Answer the questions.
  • In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-13 people for the same award.
  • Ask them three questions.

Answering the Questions:

What is your favourite thing about blogging?

The praise.


Actually, my favorite thing about blogging is the process of writing, critiquing, and getting feedback from a number of different people and knowing that my work could have an impact on people’s perspectives. My dream job is to become an actual, professional critic, so I kinda see my blog as a “first step” in that process. In essence, my favorite thing about blogging is blogging itself; forming my craft as a critic and (hoping that) people enjoy my ramblings.

What is your favourite genre of Anime and why?

Favorite genre of anime? Or favorite genre in general? Because if in general, it’s romance. I’m not typically very empathetic, so to become invested in something as powerful as love between two people is an ultimate sacrifice for my occasionally cold nature. I find the concept of two people sharing all of themselves with one another through every concept of life a beautiful thing. All the more so when a story gets it just right (Oh, how rarely it does, too). Katanagatari is an example of an anime that I think handles romance in a genuine and heartfelt way, even if it’s not the major focus.

If in anime, that’s a tough question. I do tend to be allured by the prospect of (non-harem) romance, but anime is so fickle on the subject that I almost don’t bother. Perhaps fantasy, because at least anime has shown to be incredibly imaginative over the years. Maybe historical, too (Hyouge Mono was so great).

Assuming you play video games—

I do.

what’s your preferred platform of choice?

In recent years, I’ve become somewhat of a “PC MASTER RACE” kind of guy, as Steam has given me a lot of freedom with a large selection of games and little to no hardware issues. Not to mention, most games are compatible with the Xbox 360 controller and that controller feels so nice on your hands. I’ve even gotten into downloading emulators straight to my laptop so I can play games I don’t have physical copies of right away.

Prior to then, however, I was what I like to refer to myself to as “Nintendo’s bitch.” I would (beg my mother to) get basically every console they released along with about eight games out of every major franchise. To this day, the only systems from Nintendo I haven’t owned at one point are the NES, Gameboy Advance, New Nintendo 3DS/2DS, and all the obscure ones from before my time, like the Game & Watch and Virtual Boy. The Wii U was a horrible disappointment for me with not a lot of games I really care about, which made me question my allegiance to Nintendo. The trailer for The Switch and how the gimmick didn’t interfere with the gameplay slid me back into their corner. Hoping it works out.

The “Nominations:”

I’ll say it clearly here: if you don’t want to take part in these awards, I don’t really care. I use my nominations more as a shout-out to great people for their effort in a thankless job like blogging. Well, not necessarily thankless but… you know what I mean. Following with my own tradition, I’m only nominating three people.

  1. Lethargic Ramblings: Is it illegal to nominate the person who nominated you? Well, call me a rule-breaker. A recent follow, but a blogger I knew of for some time, LR has a vast resume of posts under their belt ranging from a wide variety of different subject matter. They appear to care deeply for the art of blogging and that in itself is worth following. They also have a good head for quality, along with an easy-to-read and calming (dare I say “lethargic”) manner of voice within the words.
  2. Naja B.: Apologies for putting your actual name and not your blogging name here. It’s how I know you (I blame Twitter). A somewhat different perspective than most blogs, I followed Naja due to a post concerning her love for Pokémon. Her usual forté is otome games, which she reviews with such glee that I can’t help but find them charming, despite having no interest in the subject. Except My Horse Prince, of course. Anyone intrigued by the world of cute anime boys (and occasional Fangirl flip-outs) is guaranteed a good time on her blog.
  3. Yuri-chan’s Blog: Highlighted her blog to a minimal degree during my first award post, Yuri-chan is one of my first ever follows here on WordPress. One may not know it, by I really enjoy artists and watching them paint and draw or whatever else. While she doesn’t post very often, Yuri-chan has a collection of anime-esque drawings that I feel are fairly good—well enough for a follow at the least. And if she’s reading this, keep up the good work!

The Questions:

  1. How often in a single day do you dedicate exercising your body (any amount counts, such as walking, stretching, etc.)?
  2. Do you prefer anime on rainy days or manga on sunny days?
  3. What is your earliest memory?

As always, thank you for reading my blog and all the nominators in the past for encouraging me to write on. Tally-ho!

8 thoughts on “I’ve Been Nominated for the Unique Blogger Award

  1. Awww man, thanks so much for the nomination and congratulations on the award!! LOL I use both my name and my WP username interchangeably so no worries! Wow that was some introduction! I’m glad you enjoy my blog and all of my fangirly posts 😛

    I never pegged you for a romance person, but when I think about it, it definitely suits you! I’ll definitely try to get my award post out sometime this week (they’ve all kind of been piling up)!!

  2. Your responses were a fun read haha.

    Glad to see I’m not the only “Nintendo’s bitch” around here, although I was less disappointed with the Wii U it seems. By far failed to live up to its expectations, but I had a ton of fun with some great games on there, especially Smash 4 and Splatoon. I’m hoping the Switch really works out though and that they learn from their mistakes and get some damn third part support and great games in the pipeline. A new Mario 64-esque game is what I’d like the most.

    And I git nominated again?! I’m tempted to turn this into a never ending cycle of nominations until I reality caves in. Is that how reality works?

    Anyway, I’ll do another post for this nomination some time down the line because those questions look fun and I appreciate here gesture and the kind words!

    Thank you my man!

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