Upcoming: 2017 Update and Expectations

Looking back on my 2016 update, I almost want to laugh at myself for my lack of effort. This year’s update post, however, will be far and away the greatest post I will ever dedicate to this blog!!!

So here is what readers can expect to see from my blog in the next 366 days:

  • Anime/Manga thoughts and reviews (Duh).
  • Video game reviews (Double duh).
  • Odes.
  • Top 10’s.
  • Review of the final book in the Underland Chronicles, followed by reviews of the Hunger Games trilogy.
  • Weekly post dedicated to reviewing a random film.
  • Opinion pieces and possible rant pieces.
  • My pick to win the Super Bowl (I have to, I’m sorry).
  • Thoughts on Youtubers (Tentative).
  • Short stories (Tentative).
  • Among others.

There is another thing readers can expect, which is something I’ve kept quiet about for a while. I plan to upgrade my blog from a Free Plan to a Premium Plan. For those unaware, being able to express my opinions and reviewing these different forms of media is my dream. I want to be considered a serious and professional critic. And I want my blog to be a platform I can use to get my thoughts out there; a sort of creative résumé, if you will. While I don’t know what the future holds for me, I feel it’s only responsible to put my dreams into action in any way I can, with the bare minimum being keeping myself motivated to write and interact with the community (which has been no trouble at all). A Premium Plan will get me my own domain name and a spruced up blog to further show my dedication to the craft. While my daily view count isn’t exactly “profitable” for monetization, I’m hoping someday I’ll be able to get to that point. So, in conclusion, my blog may be under construction in the coming days.

Allow me to add a wee bit of gloating to this post, as an update implies as much information as possible. I’ve noted once in the past of my dedication to losing a fair share of my bountiful belly. While I’m far from done, I’m excited to announce that I’ve hit forty pounds (18 kg. for you foreigners) lost since the end of July, bringing my current weight to 208 lbs. (~94 kg.) Turns out the secret to losing weight is vegetables and reduced portion sizes at meals, as exercising can only do so much for you if you’re balancing it out with large meals.

That’ll be all from me until next year. Thank you all for supporting my blog by reading and sharing my thoughts. Know that I am very, very appreciative of any attention I receive and am humbled by the growing amount of traffic my blog receives as time goes by. I’ll continue to work on getting as much content out as sanely possible (Once a day will probably be my limit) and I hope to read more of the community’s content, as well. Happy New Year’s, and thank you for reading!


2 thoughts on “Upcoming: 2017 Update and Expectations

  1. I’ve been considering making the upgrade to premium myself, just to make things more professional and customisable. Looking forward to seeing how your blog changes in its layout etc.

    And of course looking forward to the new content.

    A Happy New Year to you!

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