Introducing: March of the Movies

My blog is going to become more theatrical in the coming days.

I’ve decided to change things up a tad by dedicating March entirely to movie-watching and reviewing. I’ve called it March of the Movies, because it is incredibly to the point.

Every day in March, I will watch a film and review it on the blog. Every day. The movie has to be at least an hour long to count and I will do all that I possibly can to push the reviews out at a consistently normal time (No last-minute reviews uploaded at 11:59 P.M.). As I’m not one to drop movies, the criteria for this event is a lot less strict than my own Summer of Anime block.

I will watch films of a variety of different genres, regions, and mediums. For those who only follow me for anime things, I will be sure to throw some anime films in there, as well. As for now, the only film I have planned is the debut one, The King’s Speech, which I will watch on March 1st. I will also upload a March of the Movies Archive for those interested in seeing what I plan to watch/had watched previously.

Until then!

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