Ruining Denpa teki na Kanojo

denpa teki na kanojo

(Note, as always, that “ruining” is akin to “spoiling in a mocking way.”)

(Disclaimer: All images were obtained via Google.)

Do you enjoy Kara no Kyoukai but hate the fact that the main characters aren’t in high school? Did you find the gratuitous nature of Another’s dramatic atmosphere almost too fitting for a bunch of middle schoolers? Don’t you adore the method of placing two polar opposites together that eventually become an inseparable pair (Sexual tension included!)? Denpa teki na Kanojo is a series built around your tastes, young one! Be thrilled that this was created specifically for you and only you!

Take heart, for trouble is afoot! A crazed psycho-maniac is killing people of the small town of Whogivesadamn! But before that, it flashes a number of images and words that are meaningless… for now. OoOoOoOoOoOoOo! A young man with blonde hair and an affinity for yankees is approached by a kawaii little sucker whose eyes are covered to make her stand out. She claims he was a king in his past life, and that she was his royal servant. Blondie, because he has a brain, promptly tells her to GTFO and tries to stay far away from her. But then, the next night, someone who was being pissy with Blondie is murdered! Could the psycho-maniac be… the strange girl he met before?

Nope. It’s some random fuck.

denpa teki na kanojo 4

What does matter is that the random fuck is related to a cutie in Blondie’s class who he’d like to give a good thumping. Turns out, the cutie’s actually a bigger psycho-maniac than her psycho-maniac brother. One can tell because she goes on a giant spiel about her tragic past and her angsty motivations, a la Kara no Kyoukai, while trying to murder Blondie. Fortunately, Strange Girl has magic sensing powers and comes in at just the right time to sav—ACTUALLY Blondie gets stabbed and then the psycho-cutie starts going crazy all over again because she didn’t actually want to kill him because Blondie held her for six seconds before he collapsed from the stab wound. The moral of the story is that people who have traumatic pasts just want to be held by delinquent anime boys and be told that their existence matters and they’re okey-dokey. Blondie survives and everything goes back to normal. WAIT, WAIT! DON’T LEAVE! WE HAVE ANOTHER EPISODE!

Our journey continues with the two becoming closer than ever, with sprinkles of lust ever present between the two. Sound interesting? I hope not, because it’s only hinted at and made into humor about twice. Fuck off, romanticists. Blondie is accused of digging for booty on an express train when Strange Girl’s sister comes and saves him by pretending they’re dating, leading for a very forced kiss between the two. The incident becomes a thing at Blondie’s school and he almost gets in trouble with the student council, but the president tells the vice president to STFU because it was never proven. Strange little incidents start happening all around, like people getting tripped, pies in the face, and bombs going off in libraries. Do any of these actually happen in the show? Maybe! How much do you trust me?

denpa teki na kanojo 2

The events start becoming more and more dangerous, prompting Strange Girl to investigate into the matter personally. She discovers a club dedicated to acquiring “Happiness points” or some shit and deduces that the events are happening due to the head of the club, who runs under a pen name. This doesn’t mean anything because she’s found almost immediately. Blondie, Strange Girl, and the president go to a run-down building where the vice president ends up being the bitch behind the pranks. An incredibly long and convoluted explanation reveals that the vice president is an idiot and believes in karma to an absurd degree. She’s causing people misery because she thinks that’ll make her happy, such that if no one is happy, she may become happier in relation. Remember that line in The Incredibles where Syndrome says something like, “When everyone’s super, no one is”? Kind of like that. That’s a damn good movie.

Anyway, they go back to the vice president’s house before all that is explained and find out she lived a horrible life just like the psycho-cutie in the last episode. It also turns out her brother was dating the president at one point, but she broke up with him, so he killed himself in front of her. Those crazy kids and their fragile hearts! Ever since then, the vice president’s life began to progressively get worse, so she wants the president to make up for it by being mutilated or something. This weirdo also keeps the corpse of her mother in her house. As it turns out, Strange Girl was watching a lot of Naruto that day and exhibited—


denpa teki na kanojo 3

—and told the vice president that she’s dumb and her brother took the happiness away from the family and not the president. She promptly goes (more) insane and starts crying like a bitch baby. Everything then goes back to normal. Zippity-doo-dah. Wait. Wait, hold on. Something else happened. Oh! That’s right! Blondie is standing next to a street and the president walks up behind him and looks super dirty and starts talking crazy. She laments how horrible of a person she is that she broke up with the brother for her own gain (Because breaking up with someone is always for the other person), so she decides to follow the vice president’s same mindset and pushes Blondie out into the street while a truck zooms by. He dies! JK! She dies! Indeed, at the last moment (Which is not shown), the truck swerves away from Blondie and straight into the president! Because the driver CLEARLY HAD AN AGENDA AGAINST PRESIDENTS OF STUDENT COUNCILS. Strange Girl shows up because she can still sense Blondie for some reason and cries because he almost died and promptly starts undressing him in the middle of the road. JK! She just cries, but man, wouldn’t that be hilarious? Blondie already got her sister to strip down to her panties in this episode… Oh, did I not mention that part? Well, y’see—

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