Summer of Anime 2017? You Decide! [Closed]


Nine days before the 2017 Summer of Anime officially opens, I’ve decided to let the floodgates open.

I want you, the reader of this post, to tell me what I should watch.

Now, this is a bit of a risky move, because I have no idea how many people will actually choose to participate in this and there’s no control over what I could be watching in the end! I could just watch 25 Shounen titles and cry myself to sleep every night!

In all seriousness, there are a few stipulations I’d like to put in place before I give people the key to my anime summer.

  • Limit of three titles per person! I want to fill up my slots, but I don’t want to have to be super choosy by experiment’s end. If it does end up that people recommend me more than 25 slots allotted for the SoA, I’ll pick and choose to my own discretion, but will keep some noted in case I drop anything throughout the event. If you don’t want to recommend three, you’re more than welcome to just recommend one or two!
  • I will be open to rewatching titles! These titles also don’t have to be things I’ve watched from previous SoA’s, they can be anything! If people want me to rewatch Koi Koi 7 or One Punch Man, that’s fair game. I’ll leave a link to MyAnimeList for those who wish to see what I have and haven’t watched before making a recommendation.
  • Rules of previous Summer of Anime’s still apply, so please don’t recommend anything shorter than six episodes of standard-length runtime! Alternatively, please don’t recommend anything with episodes spanning triple-digits! I’m not going to spend my entire Summer marathoning Naruto, Bleach, and Fairy Tail. Also, no currently-airing anime, OVA’s, specials or films!
  • Note that when you’re recommending a series to me, I will watch every season of said show! If you’re going to recommend my rewatching of Zero no Tsukaima, I’m going to watch every season of it. For the sake of clarification, if you want to spare me want me to only watch a certain season of an anime, note in within the recommendation. Otherwise, I’m marathoning the whole series.

As an added touch, I’ll note whoever recommended me a certain anime at the beginning of each post dedicated to their choice. The public should know whoever loves me enough to put me through human torture. Teehee!

I’ll leave this post open for the next nine days for anyone to comment below with recommendations. In that time, I’ll jot down whatever titles I receive and eventually add them to the Summer of Anime Archive in whatever order I choose. Until then, thanks in advance to all who give me something to watch, and have a great summer!

29 thoughts on “Summer of Anime 2017? You Decide! [Closed]

  1. 1. Psycho-Pass (Do yourself a favor and just watch season 1)
    2. Ghost Stories (Dub is hilarious, they just rewrote it as a comedy)
    3. Koi Koi 7

  2. Arslan Senki
    Donten ni Warau

    Not sure why I chose all three from the same genre but oh well. 😂

      1. Thanks :’) They’re worth watching since they’re all pretty interesting 🙂

  3. 1. InuBato!
    2. HaruChika
    3. First half of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S (up to episode 14-15 I forgot)

    Hopefully I don’t fully disappoint you with this list.

    1. These are interesting choices!

      As for Railgun, S is the second season, so I’m gonna go ahead and watch the first along with it. Cool?

      1. It’s cool! Though, I only recommend the second season because you don’t actually need to watch the first season to learn any story. It is a spin off of Index, after all.

      2. *unnamed lurker here, who should study instead of being here*

        If it pleases you, I strongly recommend reading the manga, as it is really great later on. Just like the main Index series (talking about the LN though). Couldn’t help but butt in, as Railgun is one of my favourite currently publishing manga.

        By the way, I’m fairly new at blogging here, so I didn’t see previous posts like these, but I have to say that I quite like them. The fact that you’re leaving the (your) reader-base choose what you will watch this summer is extremely interesting in my opinion.

      3. You’re not unnamed. I recognize your name and icon.

        Arria Cross does things such as Blog Carnivals, where people can showcase their content all in one place for others to see. So if you’re into community-building things, that’s a great place to start. Otherwise, I appreciate the compliment, assuming that was one! Do you have any anime you’d like to recommend?

      4. I’m quite honored to know that. That’s actually a good idea, but as I’m not really confident in my posts and I’m not even sure what my blog is even about yet, I’ll refrain from trying (for now at least). I just know that I shouldn’t take this too seriously or I’ll burn my lifespan.

        Yes, I meant it in a good way. I find it a nice way to interact with your fans. I may try something like that in the far future, when I will have understood better the path I will follow (the hell am I talking about, I’m not choosing whether to be a Hero of Justice or not here).

        Regarding my suggestions, I would recommend Fate/Stay Night: Ubw (2014) and Fate/Kaleid. Feel free to drop them if you don’t enjoy them though, I’m a Fate fan boy so I simply love all its branches and I quite dislike forcing others to watch something (I do suggest to keep watching Kaleid at least until 6th episode tho, as it finally gives the “Fate” vibe). Ok, have a good day. I’ll sleep for 20 hours (heh, I wish).

  4. I commend you for your bravery! Hopefully one of these works finds you well.
    1. Cybersix
    2. Eureka Seven (I would advise not trying AO the second season as most of the reception to it has either been negative or mixed, I have never heard of someone praising it. Though I have not watched it, thought I’d give you a heads up on the common reception of the second season.)
    3. Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199

  5. Wow, you are a very brave human being.

    1. Blood+
    2. Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm
    3. Overlord

    Tried to pick different kind of shows.

  6. I’ll just recommend Hunter x Hunter (2011) because it’s my favourite Anime.

    It’s long. It’s a Shounen. But it’s extremely subversive and avoids most of the typical pitfalls of its peers.

    I don’t expect you to watch it due to its length, but may as well try.

    Failing that:

    1. Eden of the East
    2. Selector Infected WIXOSS
    3. Berserk (the original, not the new series/movies).

    1. Ha! Eden of the East was going to be on my original SoA line-up! Nice coincidence.

      Indeed, HxH is too long, but I’ll watch it eventually. Promise.

      1. That’s an awesome coincidence!

        I haven’t seen the show in years, but it was one of my favourites back then. It’s one of those shows I’ve been meaning to reassess my feelings of, but until I do, it’ll remain where it is 😛

        And you should! It’s great!

  7. Basically no shorts? *cries quietly* There are a few series which would make over 6 standard episodes (about 3 hours) runtime, but they’re few and far between. Here’s a few shows which I’ve enjoyed that you have not seen, although we don’t seem to have massive overlap in taste in anime so I cannot vouch that they are necessarily shows that you would enjoy.

    1. Princess Tutu
    2. Mai-HiME
    3. Kemono Friends

    I’m also going to suggest you watch Teekyuu, which I think barely scrapes in at 3 hours if you watch all 8 seasons, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on the series.

    1. Thanks much! I’ve actually been intrigued with Kemono Friends + Teekyuu for a long while, so kudos to you for giving me a chance to check ’em out!

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