I’ve Been Nominated for the Unique Blogger Award (Again)


My thanks to Keiko for the nomination! She’s primarily an anime reviewer, dealing with the standard episodic reviews while occasionally delving into whole series. She’ll also talk at some length about music as a subject, which is an interesting differentiation from the typical aniblogger. A follower of my blog for about half a year (though I could’ve sworn she was around longer than that), I appreciate her taking the time to continue with my output.

The Rules:

1. Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.

2. Answer the questions.

3. In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-13 people for the same award.

4. Ask them 3 questions.

Keiko’s Questions:

If you were stuck in an anime universe, which would it be and why? 

I’ve never been good at answering this question, because a lot of variously absurd and intriguing anime universes have tremendous drawbacks. Dragon Ball Z has constant threats of alien invaders. Pokémon has terrorist groups running amok every couple of years. And with the abundance of high school anime, there’s nothing to really draw inspiration from aside from appealing characters.

If I really had to choose, based on the way I could use it to play out my own narcissistic fantasies, I’d probably go with the hot hand and say Boku no Hero Academia. The idea of collecting one’s own superpower, and having it be commonplace, is something that’s really easy to get excited about. I’ll also admit that I’ve thought at length about the kind of power I would have (think Todoroki except electricity instead of fire), and it’s really fun to be so imaginative about it. Again, constant threats of opposing villains would be a solid nuisance, but I can’t pass up superpowers being the norm and the fascination that brings.

What anime left the biggest impression on you? 

Oh, that’s easy. Toradora!. It was the anime that really got me into anime—past the stereotypical mainstream of shounen/action titles and rambunctious emotional appeals. It revealed to me what anime could be apart from what was naturally assumed of the medium, and was the “gateway drug” into the many different varying types of anime. Before Toradora!, I really did have the mindset that most anime are the absolute same. It wasn’t until I got my feet in the door that I realized its scope and overwhelming quantity.

I was also a sucker for romantic comedies back in the day (still enjoy the genre now, but not nearly as much), and having an anime actually show characters being intimate after years of having it only be implied or teased was mind-blowing. Had I watched the series now, I very likely wouldn’t have found it so amazing, but it came at the right time for me. And that’s part of the reason it’s my favorite anime.

If you were an animal, what would you be? 

Angry Rabbit (New)


Anyone who has read my award posts in the past know that I don’t really care to nominate a wide variety of people (I only follow, like, ten people on this whole site). So, once again, I’ll refrain from nominating anywhere near 8-13 people, and instead will ask people to look at my recommended ani-bloggers list and discover those I feel are good for those interested in anime-esque criticism and fascination. That being said, I won’t ask any questions.

Just kidding. I will ask questions.


“Wait, who are you askin—”

You. I’m asking you, the reader, to answer my questions. Of course, you don’t have to, but it’d be pretty rude of you to outright ignore me, right? You wouldn’t just ignore someone asking you a potentially personal question in real life, would you? No, but seriously, if people wish to discuss my questions in the comments, I’d be more than happy to take part.

  1. If you were to direct an anime film, what aspect would you most likely prioritize over others? It can be the traditional story, characters, art; but could also be as direct as character interaction, detailed animation, or a certain tone.
  2. How would you try to attract the attention of a male (or female) harem protagonist? Asking under the assumption that said protagonist actually deserves your attention. No “Nothing—harem protagonists suck” answers.
  3. What would be more intriguing as an anime adaptation: Super Mario or Legend of Zelda?

Thanks again to Keiko and for those who continue to read my blog. Until the next time!

4 thoughts on “I’ve Been Nominated for the Unique Blogger Award (Again)

  1. Interesting answers. I didn’t picture you for a superhero universe so your answer to number 1 kind of surprised me, though number 3 was pretty obvious.
    Having a go at your questions:
    1. If I were to direct anything (which I probably wouldn’t – I’d much prefer to work on script) my priority would be on the story first and then the characters. Everything else would be a secondary consideration – which might explain why I shouldn’t be allowed to direct anything.
    2. Okay, I’m assuming said male protagonist has a brain and is therefore able to hold up a decent conversation or argument (otherwise I wouldn’t have much interest in gaining his attention) so I’d most likely disagree with something they had said and systematically dismantle their arguments while putting forward the alternate view point until he decides he’d like to discuss it further and invites me out to dinner. Doesn’t really matter what topic – could be batman vs superman. The point is the discussion.
    3. Totally going for a Legend of Zelda anime adaptation. There is so much more lore in that universe to play with than the Italian plumber has to offer.

  2. 1. The tone. Keeping the spirit is what binds it most to its source material.
    2. Maybe outsmart my opponents. Or I could keep luring him out saying there’s a special sale somewhere…
    3. Intriguing? Zelda? Want? Mario because of Yoshi.

  3. Interesting post! The answer to the last question said it all! 😂😂 now taking a stab at your questions:
    1) Probably plot and then characters. There’s nothing without a solid and intriguing plot so that would come first and foremost. Also, for me, characters are the driving force for a plot so they would be the second most important thing. Everything else comes after that.
    2) Well for starters I’m assuming this male protagonist is a book worm otherwise there is really no conversation to be had. I guess it would probably come down to a random conversation about literature where I disagree with a given reading of a text and explain why in a manner that gets a reaction out of him and then things roll from there I guess.
    3) Legend of Zelda obviously. Mario would be funny but I feel like Zelda has more substance and intrigue to work with.

    That was fun answering your questions so thank you! 😊

  4. 1) The point. One can have all sorts of fun with plot and characters, but there ought to be a point to it.
    2) By making her laugh.
    3) I cannot say this strongly enough: ZELDA! 🙂

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