Quick Thoughts on Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou (Spoilers?)

girls last ride 3

I think a lot of what I had stated in my Early Impressions post for this anime rings true for the entire series, so I felt no purpose in wringing out this thought post more than necessary.

On top of what was already previously established with my thoughts on this anime, the further along it went, the more clear a major underlying message of this anime became: peace. The traveling tank, the military-esque uniforms the two girls wear, the giant mounds of machinery they stumble upon in nearly every episode; it all points to what should’ve been clear to me from the very beginning. While somewhat disappointing as it is that it becomes the same line of logic that typical shounen anime embody, the way it presents it feels refreshing and sobering all at once. Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou’s apparent text, hidden by letters so wide that one has to travel back miles to see it, spells out N-O W-A-R.

girls last ride 4

It doesn’t parade itself as a mystery piece, but there arises mystery from the setting of these two sole surviving members of the human race. And once the series really gets going—past the general introductions of character personality and kawaii discourse—that mystery impedes the forefront of what this series wishes to do. Quiet, slow, and dark. Almost like traversing through a home while trying to avoid a murderer. Progress is made through every step, but the end feels nowhere until the inevitable climax. The end, both literally and figuratively, has to, or has already, come.

More than anything, I’m ecstatic that a series like this can still be released as a product to look forward to in this day and age, wear trends and preferences seem to take full precedence. The only thing it really has that lies in relation to this is the moe blob character designs and the somewhat-justifiable yuri vibes between the two leads, yet even those feel in connection to a series that wishes to present a message. A message; I wish there was more of this in the anime industry. Something of worth to a series, a reason for it to exist. Call me a cynical elitist, but these series which are more than just fun and games are always the most impactful to me and keep me coming back. Even Net-juu no Susume, which I found fairly mediocre, managed to find some footing as a think-piece for how online relationships can impact the lives of people. Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou presents its craft in a delicate enough fashion to make it worthwhile.

And then aliens.

The rating for this title and all others can be found on MyAnimeList.

3 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts on Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou (Spoilers?)

  1. This series has definitely left a lasting impression and managed to stand out from the crowd of other shows this season. I will forever be surprised that I found the first episode or so of this show appealing given it isn’t a genre I normally watch and I really couldn’t put my finger on what I liked so much about the show until about the mid-way point where I just accepted that it was a very well put together show that didn’t seem to linger too long in any one space so even though it was slice of life it had a sense of movement and there was always something interesting to think about in the actions of the characters.
    Thanks for sharing your quick thoughts on it.

  2. Sorry but seems like you misunderstood the main theme, which is that despite the fact that life has no meaning (as seen by the post-apocalyptic setting where everything is about to end), you can just enjoy the little things in life. Anti-war themes are obviously present but it is not the primary focus of the show. I highly recommend reading the manga for this.

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