Commencing the 2018 March of the Movies

For those unaware, last year I started an annual tradition called March of the Movies, where I watch a film every day for the month of March and write reviews for them on the blog for people to peruse. This year will be no different; no gimmicks or special conditions to torture myself with. The premise will be the same as it was last year: I watch a film at any part of a particular day and will release some sort of review, whether fully detailed or comically short, in that same specific day. I promise to kick myself into writing them far before 11:59 P.M.

As this blog is primarily anime-themed, I will sprinkle some anime-esque films that interest me (expect some Ghibli and Satoshi Kon) throughout the month to hold over people less interested in my thoughts on things outside the specific medium. Some of my original purpose of creating this month-long tradition was to expand my palette of films and give me opportunity to watch things that I feel, as a fan of cinema, I should watch for the sake of legacy and differentiation. Last year, I managed to venture somewhat outside of my comfort zone (I don’t typically like horror films), but this year I want to vary it up even more. I don’t have any specific plans for what I’ll watch, but I’ve always been good at winging things.

The March will begin tomorrow with the recent release of Annihilation. I hope to see many people visit in the next 31 days!

(For those interested, I also have an archive for past and present films included in this event.)

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