Day Eighteen: Eraserhead (MotM 2018)



I, uh. I don’t really know.

It’s a movie… about… things. Things that are a little unnerving… a little odd. Things that don’t quite seem as they appear. Mutant babies and a girl with giant, malformed cheeks. A dude with a snazzy head of hair.

It’s definitely something else. One of the most riveting things about this film is that I didn’t really expect anything. Everything was off the table. What would happen was beyond my comprehension, which made it more intriguing. Not many movies are creative enough to get past those common paths. Eraserhead is a good one, if only because it does exactly what it wants to do and does it tremendously well. Whether or not people are emotionally attached by the end—due to the heavy symbolism throughout taking precedence—is a little risky. I wasn’t too much. My brain more felt tickled here than my heart.

And I would say more, but my brain hasn’t recovered yet.

Final Score: 8/10

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