Day Twenty-Eight: The One I Love (MotM 2018)

the one I love

While the number of psychological issues brought up in this film and the questions it raises about romantic relationships are intriguing enough, I have little to say about this one.

It’s a quirky “What if?” story about the fragility of “love” and the complications with remaining faithful to someone of lesser value to you. All throughout, I found myself fighting with my own self about what I would do if I were with a romantic interest and we found ourselves in the situation the two leads of this film are. The brain says one thing, the heart says another. A typical match-up that occurs when I deal with a film so strongly tied to the fanciful flirtations of both the psychological and empathetic.

Though while quirky, the film is also completely uninterested in explaining anything. How things occur, why they do, how it’s possible; throw it away. Throw away any sort of possible method as to how the events in this film occur. It doesn’t care about rational thought. It only wants to beg the question: Who do you love?

Final Score: 7/10

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