Announcing the “Visualist x100!!” Collab


Still hot off the heels of collaborating with WeekendOtakuKarandi of 100WordAnime has graciously accepted the offer to collaborate with yours truly on episodic posts involving an upcoming seasonal anime title. The gif above should give you a hint of what title.

Indeed, Karandi and I have formed the “Visualist x100!!” alliance to take on My Hero Academia‘s third season, which begins airing in a few days. It will mark the first time in my blog’s inconsistent history to dedicate each week to episodic reviews of ongoing anime.

With the series’ immense popularity, I was drawn to My Hero Academia to “validate” whether or not it deserved the hype it was receiving, and to my surprise, I enjoyed it quite a bit. Even better: the second season was a (slight) improvement! I adore many of the characters on the show and feel it has great potential in becoming one of my favorite all-time Shounen series (not that it has much competition). Seeing as Karandi is a fan of it as well, the decision was pretty easy to make between us, and I’m looking forward to the next twenty-five weeks.

I’m looking forward to what the show plans to do now that a central antagonist is looming in the distance and the heroes have more experience under their belt. More internal conflict? More opportunity for the villains to use the heroes’ affection for each other against them? More romantic developments? (Please, I’m starving.) Whatever they decide to do, I’ll stick it out until the end… unless it becomes unspeakably bad, but I don’t expect that.

So stay tuned for future Visualist x100!! posts, hosted both here and at 100WordAnime, starting with MHA‘s first episode in the next few days. Thanks again to Karandi for teaming up with me, and to everyone else: To Be Continued!

3 thoughts on “Announcing the “Visualist x100!!” Collab

  1. Reblogged this on 100WordAnime and commented:
    A new season brings a new collaboration. This time I am teaming up with Kapodaco to take on My Hero Academia season 3.
    For now, check out this introduction post and I’ll be getting a post together in the next few days with my own thoughts.
    This is going to be such a great project and I’m really excited to be teaming up with a blogger I have so much respect for.

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