Visualist x100!! – My Hero Academia Season Three: Episode One

hero academia 3 one

The next season of Boku no Hero Academia (I will continue to refer to it this way whenever I am the one addressing it) has finally arrived and different people are already giving their input on it likely every hour. What’s to see, what’s to follow? Here are my and Karandi’s take, courtesy of the Visualist x100!! Collab™!


It’s taken us some forty episodes to get here, but Boku no Hero Academia has finally given an episode that detractors of the genre would point to as the achilles’ heel: filler. Not just the type of filler like the episode in the second season that focus primarily on Tsui, but incredibly blatant filler disguised as typical educational duties. Did you forget the names and quirks of every character up to this point, avid fanatic? No? Well you’re in luck! It’s gonna list them one after the other, very slowly!

What makes this worse is that there’s basically nothing in this episode that one can hold onto for future excitement. Some hush-hush change of plans among the higher-ups at the university is something, but for what? Precautions? That’s not very exciting. There’s already been lots of changes due to precautions. From what I got here, there seems to be a slight hint at a summer camp-like excursion that will eventually turn sour due to some outside evil force. I, for one, hope that this excursion focuses more on characters who haven’t already had their time in the sun.

hero academia 3 two

If one positive came out of this, it’s the still-charming interaction between the characters’ base personalities. Bakugo is loud and in everyone’s faces, making things tense by always exposing his bombastic drive. Midoriya is still obliviously studious and generally kind-hearted, which makes everyone want to cheer for him. Mineta likes women. A trip to the school pool for “training” actually ends up being training, and this is where the episode (outside of even more flashback sequences) shines brightest—like a nice lukewarm glow from an endtable lamp. The characters still absolutely make the series for me, and it’s nice to see them all have some fun with the opportunities they’re given.

Not a great debut episode by any means, but has the semblances of what made the series fun in the first place. The only issue is how blatant its dependency on saving time for future animation is throughout, with about half the episode consisting of scenes from the earlier two seasons. Still, the fans on MAL haven’t let that deter them: it’s currently within the top 100 in terms of average rating at the time of typing this. Is this first episode a sign of trouble to come? I doubt it. Every series that has as many seasons back-to-back like this should be allowed a short break every so often. I’m looking forward to episode two like I looked forward to episode one. If that ends up being garbage, then we can start worrying.


After waiting a whole six months for the continuation of My Hero Academia, a lifetime for seasonal anime watchers, it delivers a recap episode. I vaguely remember having this sinking feeling when the first episode of season 2 aired as well, so I’m kind of hoping that starting slow has just become a trend of this franchise.

hero academia 3 three

There’s very little appeal about this episode, other than the general happiness of seeing our favourite super powered high school students again. Instead of any kind of exciting sequence or development, we get some flashback sequences through various characters reminiscing and an introduction of all twenty students in the class through a thinly disguised roll call.

No, everything about this first episode felt like they were confident that they won’t lose viewers regardless of how flat the opening act is. They know we’re hooked and we’ll just keep watching for the explosive moments to come, and what is unfortunate is that they are right. This was never in danger of being dropped despite the only new content being a couple of remarks from the villain and some pool shenanigans (which in fairness to My Hero Academia were kind of amusing even if they were mostly pointless).

Still, I’m pretty disappointed by this episode and the lack of effort and originality on display here. That, and the opening song really didn’t work for me. Okay, I also said that at the start of season 2 and then the song grew on me, but I really didn’t enjoy the opening this week.

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