Entry #10: Sore wa Totsuzen, Unmei no Aite ga (SoM 2018)

sore wa totsuzen 1

Ecch-i. It is the stuff of legends. It produces hordes of fans all across the land for a single purpose: sexual stimulation. Boy, do I LOVE unwarranted, random sexual stimulation with no payoff. Y’know what I like better than that? A setting that invites it without doing anything to the cultural norms which stigmatize the activity. Boy, do I LOVE teenagers who are too scared of sex to actually have sex, instead of behaving like teenagers and having sex.

Let’s look on the bright side, just for a change of pace. This manga, which I will limit to “SoreTot” for convenience, is pretty heavy on doki-doki moments. It focuses on three different couples over the course of its length, each with a different degree of issues to overcome, whether between each other or through outside forces (usually the latter). For as stupid as it is—and it doesn’t even try to take itself seriously—there is some charm to just how strong a bond can be between two people. At the same time, the people shown within these stories are different enough to distinguish some personality into the sections they call home. Some are studious and shy, some are daring and caring. Some of these personalities overlap, though that’s to be said for as many ecchi scenes as it shows.

After all, when the couples are close enough, they engage in [off panel] sex. Well, one of them does, shown through a “Years later…” sequence. Good.

So with these results being nearly 100% successful, the reader can assume “Oh, they’ll get together in the end. It doesn’t really matter.” This is completely accurate. There is no true conflict in these stories because the couples get together in the end. This is technically a spoiler, but with the synopsis the way it is and the general tone of the volume covers, would anyone expect anything less? The conflicts normally only delay the inevitable, or focus more on outside forces that bring the couple closer together (or drive them away temporarily). Most of this is written without a shred of effort, as this story is about 95% stupid fun for the sake of doki-doki moments and skin exposés. Really, it’s all just fake. These stories are fake and don’t try hard to hide it.

This review is also fake. I don’t actually care at all. This manga sucks. The more I think about it, the more I don’t like it. Don’t read it. “Wow, that was abrupt!” That’s part of it, too.

Final Score: 3/10

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