Entry #16: Koi wo Suru no ga Shigoto desu. (SoM 2018)

love is work

When I said that sex should be more prominent in anime (or manga), this wasn’t really what I meant.

Is this a hentai? It might be. There’s a detailed sex scene in literally every chapter. By detailed, I mean the actual act of showing sex in its most stimulating form. Only thing is that male and female genitalia is completely censored out. It becomes funny when women start blowing what looks like long white luminous sabers attached to the guy’s pelvis. I think I may have noted somewhere that I wouldn’t be reading any hentai during this, though that may have been my imagination. Nevertheless, this is pushing the boundaries.

This manga is pretty bad. Much like other bad stories I’ve read so far, the writing is pretty self-satisfying and doesn’t follow any sort of train of logic that gives weight to events with consequences. A couple go to work for two different companies that have had a history of spies running amok and stealing ideas. This causes a ban of personal relationships between members of these two companies, almost like a modern, business-related Romeo & Juliet except much sexier. Here’s my question: Why can’t the two disclose that they had a relationship prior to being hired on? They likely have evidence of it. So if they’re in a romantic relationship, why would they seek to jeopardize each other’s positions by putting their company at harm, seeing as doing so would harm their own position? Sure, if the chance that the couple doesn’t work out occurs, there may be some potential for revenge, though I think even that is a stretch for normal people. So before I read more than two chapters of this manga, I immediately find the execution of its premise faulty. Can you guess where this is headed?

I’m not (much of) a prude, though I have to admit that I broke my “NO SKIMMING” rule when it came to this manga. What did I skim? The sex scenes. “Ohh~ Ahh~ It’s so deep~ You’re so big~ Y-yeah, y-yeah~ Ann~ Ann~ Oh! Oh! I’m cumming! Ahhhhhhhhn~” I don’t want to read that every chapter, over and over and over and over and over again. The main couple has sex all the time, two random side characters have sex all the time, and some repugnant asshole who tries to win over the female lead because plot has sex with random women who bow down to his outer beauty because plot. With so much sex, there’s no time to actually develop anything, whether the characters or their situation. I’ll give it credit for being better than typical porn scenarios, though that’s bare minimum almost by default.

At least it looked consistently decent. The sex was much more than I care for in one story, though it didn’t turn me off. Fairly attractive features to the characters in this story even if their brains don’t match the quality of their bodies.

It’s bad, it’s dumb, it’s cliché. Ho-hum.

Final Score: 3/10

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