Entry #26: Green Green (SoM/A 2018)

green green

Yes, I watched this. Yes, I was aware it’s considered one of the worst anime of all time. Yes, I regret it.

However… it wasn’t that bad. Now keep in mind that many consider this among the worst anime ever. Like, one will become traumatized by watching this. They will feel as though their souls are being ripped from their physical bodies. It will destroy brain cells. That kind of animated abominations that plague the history of anime as a medium. From my own viewpoint, this is exaggerated, though I feel this tends to happen from time to time (i.e. School Days isn’t a bad anime).

This post will not be dedicated to defending this series, because I’m really not. It’s still bottom of the barrel entertainment. What I’m saying is that this isn’t a 1/10 anime for me, though I can understand why it would be for others. When I compare this to anime like Koi Koi 7Eiken, or Helter Skelter, this is at least competent enough to not be disturbingly stupid. Green Green is more like a lazy stupid. Offensive in some regards, absolutely (a la rape jokes and three unattractive boys in a fleshy orgy scene), but it’s nothing so outrageously bad that it makes me want to peel my skin off. Really, it’s just kind of boring.

Like, this is surprisingly way more tame than I expected it to be. A lot less complicated, too. Some fantasy elements come into play during the last two episodes that darken the mood tremendously (because of course it does), but otherwise it’s a bunch of perverts wanting to see some skin. Lots of skin is shown here, too. Ten-ish episodes of three creepy perverts hatching up ideas to sniff girls, and see them naked, and… get their “boob prints”? Some of the shit in this anime is seriously bizarre. I admittedly laughed pretty hard when one of the guys started sucking up the bathwater in a hot spring because the girls just bathed in it. Really over-the-top absurd shit like that really got to me with this anime. It’s not funny—at all—but occasionally I laughed because of how stupid everything was.

Up to this point, a reader may realize that I haven’t said much about this show outside of vague things. Here’s the thing: this anime is bad. Nothing I say will change that and there’s not much I can say that can be added to the already infamous reputation this has. For those unfamiliar, why is this bad? Because there’s no point. There’s no development, no genuine plot, no redeeming qualities to many of the characters. One could say this is akin to debauchery incarnate. That’s pretty close to being on the mark. A big majority of this anime is watching three perverts harass women and getting their asses kicked by the end of it. If that’s your thing, this is your anime.

All I can say is that it just doesn’t really try, outside of trying to push boundaries. It looks kind of bad, sounds kind of bad, and the plot and characters are both lost causes. Even still, I didn’t have a horrid time viewing this. It’s kind of dull, outside of the moments that genuinely astonished me with how creepy/insane they were. Not the worst thing I’ve ever seen, but definitely not one I would recommend to anyone but people hungry for bad shit.

Final Score: 2/10

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5 thoughts on “Entry #26: Green Green (SoM/A 2018)

  1. I’d never actually heard of this one until you mentioned it on Twitter and now that I’m reading this review I don’t think I’m ever going to attempt to track it down or watch it. That just seems like it would be kind of painful.

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