Visualist x100!! – My Hero Academia Season Three: Episode Twenty-Five

hero academia 3 fifty-one

The final episode. After all the trials and perils our heroes have struggled against this season, what hell does the final episode have in store for them? Find no answers as Karandi and I discuss the significance of the decision to end the season with a… bah.


I’m just going to say that this was a pretty underwhelming season final for any show, let alone a shounen superhero narrative about Midoriya becoming the world’s strongest hero. Like really? Did we actually need to fight the randomly introduced character to fight the whole class just to teach them that they should gain experience and try thinking when they fight? It wasn’t even that interesting a fight. Plus it was against a character we literally met last week and to be honest we know nothing about him (and what I did see of him did not impress).

hero academia 3 fifty-three

I’d love to not be so negative about this, but honestly I feel this season has very much dropped the ball. Season two of My Hero Academia went from strength to strength and even in the down time between arcs managed interesting character moments and caught me up in the momentum and hype. Season three just hasn’t and this final episode of season three is a great example of why this season is an inferior one. Even the final promise of villains massing just fails to really seem like a real threat as there was no direct interaction between the villains and the students so that threat is more distant now than it was.

By the time the whole season four thing came up, I was just kind of done.

hero academia 3 fifty


I’ll put in as much effort into my final post as the series did into its final episode.

While hesitant of the idea of the All Might clone of the Big Three™, he ended up being not a huge dick like I expected him to be. I enjoyed that. Not to say he’s an interesting character or anything, but he’s tolerable—and far more likable than the other members of the Big Three™ (haha the guy doesn’t like social situations and the girl’s a fucking airhead haha).

hero academia 3 fifty-two

There certainly was a lot of time spent in this episode going through something that would be better served as the intro to, say, the fourth season. In fact, we should’ve probably ended this season at 24 episodes and made the introduction of the Big Three™ the cliffhanger for the next season. I actually would’ve preferred that. The way this episode is structured, one can’t help but feel a little underwhelmed. Then again, this entire season is full of underwhelming moments, so this season’s been consistent, to say the least.

While clearly the weakest season of the three, I still had a decent amount of fun with it. I’m still slightly looking forward to the next season, so I’m likely not as despondent as Karandi is. I will admit that the wait for the next season probably won’t be as hard as last season’s.

Be sure to either check back here or go to Karandi’s blog when we get a “Final Impressions” post situated as a wrap-up of the collaboration experience!

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